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“My expectations are pretty high, to be honest” says Adam Barnard, Special Events Director for WCU’s radio station, WCUR. Barnard is referring to the event that WCUR hosts every year called The Grand Ram Band Jam. The Grand Ram Band Jam will be held on Saturday, April 2 in the Sykes StudentUnion Ballrooms, starting at at 12p.m.

Barnard was in charge of bringing together the entire event ,including contacting several musical guests to perform.

“I’m actually excited to see everyone who’s playing this year. I personally vouch for all the artists, and trust me when I tell you that students will not be disappointed by the musicians performing this year.”

Barnard contacted several musical artists and got verification from six headlining bands. Barnard also got WCUR alumni and former music director for the station, Courtney Hargrove’s band, Me and This Army, to be one of the six headlining bands to play at the event. Country music artist, Rob Snyder, to help out, with promoting the event on Philadelphia’s country music radio station, 92.5 WXTU. Synder is also one of the six leading musical artists to headline the Grand Ram Band Jam.

Barnard mentions that a lot of the artists playing for the Grand Ram Band Jam are from the surrounding areas.

“There’s such a wonderful variety of musical genres this year. Everything from metal to country. It’s really an eclectic blend of all the talent that’s in our area and surrounding us,” Barnard said.

“The caliber of music is one that I’m very excited for, and the ability to raise money for Invisible Children, which is an amazing group and doing such a wonderful job, means the world to me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have them on board with us” Barnard said.

Barnard said “Students should come to the Band Jam not just to support local music, but it’s to support a great cause. It’s a $5 donation at the door, and the artists, along with WCUR, are so thrilled to be able to help them in any way we can.

“It’s about WCU showing its support for others abroad and it’s really worthwhile. Not to mention you’re going to hear some of the best music we have to offer you.”

Barnard said that he couldn’t have accomplished as much without the help from WCUR’s General Manager, Sam Krepps and the rest of the WCUR staff.

Angela Thomas is a fourth year student majoring in English with a minor in web technology. She can be reached at

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