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Allegheny and Brandywine will be available to students for the first time in fall 2009. Goshen and Tyson will remain open for one more year, while Sanderson and Schmidt will no longer be open for operation after this spring semester. “Plans behind this (construction) have changed over the year.” said Peter Galloway, director of student housing.

Phase two of constructing the dormitories has been adjusted several times. Phases two and three consist of three older dorms being demolished in order to build the newer dorms. It was determined that Ramsey Hall will be demolished among the first set of the older dorms being replaced.

Phase two was originally going to Schmidt and Sanderson Halls being replaced. The following phase was supposed to be Goshen and Tyson. The two phases were switched several times. It was eventually announced that Goshen, Tyson, and Ramsey Residence Halls were on their last year of occupation. Students found out that plans had officially changed when learning that Goshen and Tyson were available for room selections next year.

One reason for the adjustment in the phases of construction is that with the remaining dorms in addition to the two new dorms, Brandywine and Allegheny, there will still be enough housing for students who want to live on campus. Galloway said that the two new dorms are bigger, and can house 600 residents. He said the older dorms can occupy about 400 people. Galloway said there will be “no issues” with providing students a place to live on campus the following year.

“The University is putting plans on hold to see how things play out,” said Galloway.

The problems in the economy are affecting the construction plans. The University has to determine how the newest dorms affect students.

“There are a number of factors to look at,” said Galloway about the two newest dorms. Galloway said that changes are pending if “reality turns out differently.” Feedback from students living in Allegheny and Brandywine next year will provide first hand experience.

Depending on if the two new dorms are found to be affordable for students, and students reactions of the dorms, will dictate when the plans for the other dorms will be built. The earliest the reconstructing will be finished by is the fall of 2014, according to Galloway. The original plan is to have all new dorms operating for fall of 2013.

With construction having a one year reprieve, updating to all new residence halls will be pushed back in schedule. Galloway said that the lay-outs of the dormitories will remain the same. The second phase is scheduled to be ready for fall 2012. Galloway said that Sanderson and Schmidt will be “closed (after this semester), but not knocked down yet.”

Goshen and Tyson are a popular demand when upperclassmen select housing for the next year. Galloway said that Goshen is the “first dorm to fill up (in selections).” With this reputation, it is reasonable keep this dorm for the next year.

Most students heard from their Resident Assistants, during the first floor meeting, about the construction change. Room selection sheets did not list Schmidt, Sanderson and Ramsey as living options for the following year.

During one floor meeting, residents from Goshen asked their RAs if their dormitory would be “knocked down” or if they could live there next year. The RAs clarified which dorms will remain open.

Since Goshen and Tyson will remain in operation, the residence halls will be “maintained as best as could (be).” Maintance would include fixing necessities. Galloway said it is “not reasonable to put more money into (fixing the building)” for one more year.

Next year, along with the alteration of McCarthy Hall becoming co-ed for the first time, Killinger Hall will be the only residence hall to maintain 24 hour quiet hours.

Brandywine and Allegheny are making quite a progress and will be open for the fall semester of 2009. Construction plans will continue to the second phase as Sanderson and Schmidt are on their last year of providing living for students.

Rae Dunbar is a second-year student majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. She can be reached at

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