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After what I would consider to be the most hectic and somewhat stressful 12 months of my life I entered into the New Year with a new man, a new look and a new attitude. Once the ball dropped, and I was released from my first kiss with the actor whom I met only two months prior, I glanced around the room. I was in a completely different place, both literally and figuratively then I was last year. I knew right then and there, that in 2009 I won’t look back, won’t regret what happened in 08′, and won’t wish I could re-do a thing. If it weren’t for the events in 08, well then I would not have made it to 09 nor would I be the person I am today. However let’s be realistic, who doesn’t cheat on their resolutions a little? Nobody really starts their diet the next day, so for one last time, I’m going to look back at 2008.

Michelle with her grocery list of rotten apples, chose to spend some time with her sisters on New Years Eve. And as Dick Clark proclaimed the New Year she was with the ones who never hurt her, never rejected her, and never insulted her. Before January Michelle was seeing Michael. Michael seemed so perfect up until he approached her with a very personal proposition.

When I got the phone call on a Sunday morning I woke right up to her explaining the events. “I must not be enough for him, if he wants another women with us.”

Now, I know where I stand on the amount of people in one bed. One request for a third party + one disrespectful Michael x zero romance= minus one boyfriend. And with that she was single again painfully in time for New Years.

While Michelle was spending time with ones who have loved her for years, Amber was on the prowl to find gentleman to love for the evening.

Amber, with her multiple dates for the most fabulous night of the year, went hopping from bar to bar before she finally settled at Charles O’Brian’s for a New Year’s toast, followed by eggs and a different kind of toast in the morning. Amber never seemed to have problems getting dates or New Years or any night of the week for that matter.

When asked what her resolution for 2009 is, Amber said, “To learn more about the men I date before I take them home.”

Shocked by her response, I commended her for taking this chance to really focus on something she needs to work on about herself. The next morning, she called me from a 215 area code, “I broke my resolution.”

Noel, having 30 hours until 2009, found a rebound date after she was left sidelined by Jared, a West Chester athlete. Jared took her to the games, introduced her to new and exciting dates as well as positions- on the field. Yet, like most men at this age, they enjoy playing that field all too much.

After an intense breakup with long-term boyfriend Jared, Noel wasn’t sure how to get back out into the dating world. After many failed attempts she found a winner. His name was Will Gentry. They met in line at Starbucks in the Quad. They were both waiting for the same drink-and as you can imagine when they both reached for the Vanilla Latte it was obvious the heat they felt was not coming from the cup.

And then there’s me, with my many gray stories of 2008. Though what happened between Robert Grae and I feels unfinished due to the lack of communication, I’ve come to the realization that with out time and space nothing will be resolved. That’s the funny thing about unfinished relationships; it’s always one who is left willing to finish the race, while the other is left confused about how to start.

With an alluding deadline and spring semester approaching I knew I had to stay focused. This became increasingly difficult when my resolution began to slip. Only a few days after the New Year, I received an IM from my past. After an awkward exchange of “hi, how are you?” I started to really think about our past, and as the conversation continued I worried: could I possibly miss Grae?

And when it comes to missing someone, do we ever really stop? Can we make a conscious effort to say “I don’t miss you” and mean it? And what about that famous New Years Eve song played in numerous Hollywood films: ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ Meaning “should old acquaintances be forgotten, and never brought to mind?” Though not in my head anymore- Grae will always be in my heart.

Now so close to February, a month into 2009 I’ve yet to encounter gray feelings from Shaun Costello, for the night we danced our worries away my lipstick matched his shirt- bright and bold red. Nothing gray about that.

New Years Eve: They say how you start your New Year is how you’ll continue and end it. If that’s the case, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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