Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Living ten minutes away from Elk Mountain Ski Resort has made skiing a normal activity in the life my family and I. After leaving north eastern Pennsylvania to attend college at Elizabethtown College, then at West Chester University, I realized that there are many more people that have not been skiing due to lack of ski/snowboarding resorts. Over break, after a few attempts of making it to Elk Mountain Ski Resort, my friend and I finally hit the slopes. Him with his snowboard and me with skis, we took on the challenges of the icy/powdery slopes from the wintry mix we had received a few days prior to this trip. The slopes were challenging but it was refreshing to swiftly make our way down to the lodge and peaceful riding up together taking in the beautiful view of the sun setting and the snow on the trees around us. Plus the challenge of slopes with the number of skiers and snowboarders in addition to the semi-icy conditions made for a fun and interesting trip. My friend and I had an entertaining skiing/snowboarding trip watching each other fall a number of times forgetting that we cannot fight the ice. Some of the slopes began closing and we were able to watch Elk Mountain make some snow for the following day in addition to the snow that had begun falling about an hour into our trip. Skiing and snowboarding are fun winter sports in which a person can become involved. It provides opportunities for people to travel to different areas that have Ski resorts in order to try different mountains and helps provide a bond between other people interested in skiing and/or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are fun ways to keep a person healthy and is great exercise. After one day of skiing your body feels refreshed and sore in a great way. You feel as though you just got the best workout in your life. New Years Eve day 2007-2008, I went skiing with my brother and some friends from 8 am until 4 pm. After skiing the whole day, only taking about an hour break for lunch, my legs had received such an amazing work-out, I could see the different in the muscles in my leg within the next few days. From Philadelphia, Elk Mountain Ski Resort is only a three and a half hour drive and Sno Mountain (previously known as Montage Mountain Ski Resort) is only a two and a half hour drive from the Philadelphia area. Also Blue Mountain located in Palmerton, Pa about seventy five miles north. There is also Jack Frost/Big Boulder Ski resort. All these resorts are within driving distance and are mountains that are worth the drive. From experience, skiing and/or snowboarding are activities every person should give a chance. Hope to see you on the mountain!

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