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As if winning a Tony Award, a SAG Award, and having juicy on-screen hook-ups with both McSteamy and the delightful Dr. Arizona Robbins on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was not enough, Sara Ramirez’s newest endeavor is taking the world of music by storm. Ramirez, best known for her roles as “The Lady of the Lake” in Broadway’s “Spamalot” and as Calliope “Callie” Torres in “Grey’s Anatomy”, released her debut EP on March 27, 2011.

The four-track EP includes three original songs and a powerful cover of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story”, which Ramirez sang for Grey’s Anatomy’s recent musical episode.

The first song on the EP, “Break My Heart,” is sarcastic, upbeat, and vocally impeccable. Although her musical theater background is apparent when she sings, Ramirez effortlessly belts out the notes but has enough control over her voice so a pop song like “Break My Heart” is not overly dramatic. The song has mostly pop and singer/songwriter elements and the piano-heavy melody is addictively catchy. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics like, “I’m so tired of being happy/ Baby, won’t you come and break my heart?/ Sick of you and me always laughing/ Baby, won’t you come and break my heart?” add feistiness to the bubbly chorus.

“Waitin'” varies greatly from “Break My Heart,” exhibiting Ramirez’s musical chops and bluesy, sultry skills. It is reminiscent of a song that Joss Stone would sing, but Ramirez, thankfully, has a much more pleasant voice.

Ramirez’s hushed low notes and powerful high notes are both highlighted in this unforgettable track that is sure to hit all the right notes with listeners.

Likewise, it is rather hard to forget the way Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” set the mood for the “Say Anything” make-out session, (and who can forget the gorgeousness that is John Cusack’s face?) but Sara Ramirez’s “Eye to Eye” could give Pete a run for his money.

The soft, whispered lyrics definitely create marvelous macking music, but the emotional sweetness of Ramirez’s crooning voice and the subtle, banjo-like background music melt together to create a unique blend of sensuality and charm.

The final track is entitled “The Story,” which was originally performed by folk singer Brandi Carlile. Ramirez recorded the song for a special “Grey’s Anatomy” music event that aired on March 31, 2011, during which the cast performed songs that the television show had essentially made famous.

This arguably has the strongest vocals on the EP, much like the vocally solid original pop/rock ballad. The intense guitar riffs and Ramirez’s raw, passionate interpretation of the narrative lyrics practically throw the listeners into the songwriters’ shoes and lace them up with their heartstrings.

Ramirez’s self-titled EP showcases her versatility and ability to sing a multitude of genres. Within the first five days of its release, the EP peaked at No. 6 on iTunes’s Top Albums chart. Sara Ramirez can be seen on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursdays, 9/8c.

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