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Throughout the year the members of sororities and fraternities participate in and host many events at West Chester. The men and women who choose to become Greek are unified by service and friendship.Once a year the Greek chapters at WCU come together to celebrate Greek Week. This year Greek week runs from Monday, April 12 to Saturday the 17th. There are a number of events running throughout the week that all Greeks and non-Greeks can enjoy.

The chapters are teamed up to compete against one another in events that range from quiz-offs to cook-offs; all culminating in the Greek games that take place Saturday. Each event has a point-scoring system that will add up until the grand finale where the overall winning team will be crowned.

It all starts Monday with the game of Lip Sync, held in the Sykes Ballroom at 7:15 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.). During this game, teams of up to eight will perform prepared song and dance skits. The evening is traditionally one of the funniest nights during Greek week and the show promises to be great.

Tuesday night in the Sykes theater, Greek Feud will be played, again starting at 7:15 p.m. This is a version of “Family Feud” where members of chapters will go head to head to see who knows the most about West Chester University life. A survey was handed out at a weekly IGC (Inter Greek Council) meeting and the answers received from the Greeks themselves make up the questions for the evening. Survey questions will test knowledge of the West Chester area and the preferences of West Chester students.

Wednesday night’s event begins at 7:30 p.m. in Sykes Ballroom. Each participating chapter will have a representative to vie for the title of Greek God or Goddess. This event is a full mock Miss America pageant where both Fraternity men and Sorority women are invited to show their stuff. The pageant contestants will showcase their talents and compete in an evening wear competition and a question/answer round.

Students interested in getting a good meal won’t want to miss Thursday’s Greek Cook-off when the fraternity/sorority teams will take over the cafeteria to flaunt their culinary skills. Menus are submitted and must be approved by the kitchen staff, and then three women and three men representing each team will pair up, come in and prepare the meal and decorate the serving station. The whole cafeteria will get served and the team scores depend on the enthusiasm that each meal is met with. Those with healthy appetites won’t want to miss this event.

On Friday night the athletes come out for the Pool Games, which start at 8:15 p.m. at the South Campus pool. The night is comprised of four events. There will be a blind canoe race including pairs who have to navigate down the pool. The person steering is blindfolded and must rely on his or her partner to get them to the other end of the water. The next event is a 4×25 back, breast, free and butterfly stroke relay race. Following the more conventional race is one where the swimmer must wear inflatable “swimmies” and doggie paddle across the pool. The culmination of pool games is the Belly Flop Contest where participants must perform their way down the diving board and attempt to make the biggest belly flop. This event is a crowd favorite.

Saturday’s Greek Games will bring Greek Week to a close and see a fraternity/sorority pairing crowned as the winners overall. Greek games include the favorites, tug of war, pyramid and big wheel races. Teams of 10 will have a battle of strength in tug of war and see who can build a human pyramid the fastest. There will also be big wheel races, egg tosses, three-legged races and a team relay. The team relay is new this year and includes a wheel barrel walk, crab walk, bear walk, leap frog and finishes with another wheel barrel. The whole week will be filled with exciting events that everyone is invited to come out and see.

Phi Mu sister Ashley Godshall says that “Greek Week is the best time of the year for Greeks. It is one of our biggest events as a Greek community. This week brings out the most spirit in everyone and you can really see how dedicated all these men and women are to their chapters.”
This event gives those involved with Greek life to get to know one another a little better and share a week of intense games and fun.

The Greeks are very excited about this year’s Greek Week and encourages all to come out and support their favorite fraternity and sorority in their conquests to become Greek Week champions.

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