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Lauren Bolden, co-Philanthropy chair of Alpha Sigma Tau, a Greek organization on campus, has big plans for her sorority. She is very proud of the positive impact that her sorority as well as other Greek organizations have had on campus. “During the Fall 2010 semester, all eight sororities raised $8,600 for their various philanthropies and logged 4,200 hours of community service. In just one year sororities on this campus donated over $16,000 and completed 6,190 hours of community service. If you compare the Panhellenic [sorority] community to the campus-wide totals for community service, sorority women alone contributed 10% of total donations raised and 10% of community service hours logged,” Bolden said. Alpha Sigma Tau’s presence on this campus has not been invisible. They, along with the entire Panhellenic community, helped volunteer for the Pink Zone Basketball Game. $3,192 was raised overall for the event.

“Over this past year alone, roughly 40 sorority women have worked with Dr. Zotter through the Sister-to-Sister Peer Mentor Program. These women volunteer a considerable amount of their time to educate other women in their sororities and across the campus on issues surrounding body image, self-esteem, eating disorders and empowerment,” Bolden said.

The Sister-to-Sister program has helped plan plenty of events to help the WCU student community recognize that eating disorders are a serious issue. The Sister-to-Sister program also goes as far as to train the young women who are a part of the program to intervene when recognizing a student who might be suffering from an eating disorder.

“The Sister to Sister Peer Mentors are amazing women and represent just some of those in the Panhellenic council who are dedicated to making our campus a better one,” Bolden said.

Alpha Sigma Tau was founded on Nov. 4, 1899 nationally. However, the West Chester University chapter was found on March 29, 1969. One of the things that Alpha Sigma Tau prides itself on is their outstanding communication with other organizations and events. The sorority was one of the co-sponsors for the screening of the documentary, “The Human Experience,” which held two screenings in February.

“I became good friends with Lori Brooks, the student who coordinated The Human Experience. I currently hold an executive board position on the Panhellenic council. Together with my executive board, we encouraged our members to attend the event. Since I am also my sororities co-philanthropy/community service chair, I asked my sisters to volunteer their time and efforts so that we could co-sponsor this wonderful event. Alpha Sigma Tau not only helped publicize the event but we were also ushers for both nights,” Bolden said. Bolden also says that with the help of the Greek community, “The Human Experience” was publicized more.

“We [the Greeks] are a better community because of it,” Bolden said.

Alpha Sigma Tau has been preparing for their huge event called “Battle of the Sexes” which will be held on April 5 from 7p.m. until 10p.m. in Sykes ballroom A. Alpha Sigma Tau is collaborating on the event with Black Men United, another organization on campus. To participate, Alpha Sigma Tau is asking for a $3 entrance fee. Students who go to the event will have a chance to raffle for prizes. “All money raised will benefit Camp Dreamcatcher.Camp Dreamcatcher is the largest philanthropic project of the Greek community at WCU. It offers a therapeutic and educational camp for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Each chapter works year round to collect funds for the camp and many Greek members also serve as counselors and staff during the one-week camp,” Bolden said.

“We hope to enrich the West Chester University community by promoting the understanding of diversity, interpersonal connections and the desire to serve others,” Bolden said. Bolden is proud of her fellow sisters and of the other women in the Panhellenic community. “Many women within our sororities have one-to-two jobs, internships, a full course load, maintain 4.0 a GPA, hold leadership positions in and out of sorority life and still manage to fit in hours of volunteer work a week to better themselves and their community,” Bolden said. Bolden, a LGBTQA ally, is happy to see other greek members participating in LGBTQA as well as Women Leading Up, becoming certified student leaders and achieving other outstanding credentials.

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