You know for people life can be tough
But there comes a point where
You can only take so much,
Of the inequality, oppression, and systematic evil
That has come forth upon
One group of people
Yes, All Lives Matter, but I’m being specific
So, when I say Black Lives Matter
I need you to listen
There could be a river of tears shed
No need for tissues
But why do people get mad when we acknowledge the issues
Like for example black woman killed
While in police custody
And they’re supposed to keep me safe
You bugging G
No, I’m not saying all cops are bad
So please stay seated
But black men killed by blue uniforms
Who are later acquitted though we know who did it
I look on the news puzzled by the police violence
I see black protest making noise, but everyone else remains silent
As if in 2018 racism isn’t certain,
But when its caught on camera people just close a curtain
And when I see a cop I’m scared, but I can’t run or fly
‘Cause then I ‘m suspicious, he kills me
And gets acquitted cause the trigger was justified
So Black Lives Matter Movement
I’m all about the togetherness, protest, and unity
Coming together as one in this nation
Let’s start in our community
I just want people to be moved by these words
And to speak for the voices that have gone unheard
We cannot change the past,
But control the present and after
Let’s leave our mark so when were gone
They’ll know
That Black Lives Matter

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