Quad Companion – Episode 5

Hey, Rams! Please enjoy this weeks’ episode of Quadcast.

Quad Companion – Episode 4 

Hey Rams! This week we had the pleasure of collaborating with Tylar and Chelsea from “Works in Progress,” the podcast! Listen this week as The Quad Multimedia Team talks to Tylar and Chelsea about their podcast and upcoming plans.

Hope you enjoy this weeks Quadcast!


Quad Companion – Episode 3

Welcome to the 3rd companion episode of Quadcast! This week we had columnist, Nick Bartelmo, on to talk about his ongoing entertainment column: Cinema Perception.

As always, thank’s for listening!

Quad Companion – Episode 2

Our weekly breakdown of the West Chester University’s newspaper: The Quad.

Quad Companion – Episode 1

A companion podcast highlighting West Chester’s University’s newspaper The Quad. This follows along with your 1-27-2020 issue.

Thank you!


World News Recap 

Welcome back, WCU! Listen as the Quad Multimedia team covers some major events that happened over the course of our five-week break. The team welcomes our assistant sports editor, Jeffrey Babcock, as our guest speaker in this episode.

We’d like to extend a thank you to Blank & Kytt, for our intro music.


Senior Reflections – John Delaney and Madison Starinieri

The Quad multimedia team brings you a “special edition” Quadcast! This podcast episode is an interview with two of our Quad seniors reflecting on their managing editor positions and time at the Quad!


We Wish We Knew

An advice column from four college women, to incoming college women, about all the things we had to learn the hard way.