News Quiz of the Week

All caught up on the headlines from our 10/26 issue? See if you can quash these 5 Quad quandaries from this week’s top stories.

In this issue: Philadelphia protests, Charlie Brown taken down, and the Theater Department presents a Zoom with a view.


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#1. As the latest development in a difficult month for the PASSHE system, Indiana University of Pennsylvania announced a new plan that would lay off up to 25% of its faculty and merge the Fine Arts and Social Sciences departments. What is the name of this program?

While still unconfirmed, it is also rumored that the journalism and public relations majors will be removed, according to Hogan.

#2. In this week's issue, Shannon Goldhahn and Brendan Lordan covered two different protests happening in Philadelphia. In Goldhahn's article, she describes a deal that was recently struck between protesters advocating for affordable housing and the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Where are the two protest encampments located?

The protesters recently agreed to vacate the encampments, which have been there since June 7th.

#3. Madison Starinieri's feature on Gemelli's Café in West Chester gave us a closer look at how local restaurants are surviving under the quarantine strain. In what European country did Gemelli's owners meet in 2008?

The couple met in Milano while Julianne Tettamanti was on study abroad and started Gemelli’s in 2014.

#4. As Halloween approaches, Maria Marabito writes about a holiday favorite moving to streaming services. On what TV station could you find Charlie Brown every Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas for the past 19 years?

Prior to airing on ABC, the programs were shown on CBS for 34 years, since their release in 1966.

#5. This weekend, the Theater Department gave two performances of their bold new production "Unmute Yourself." Which of these mediums was NOT used in the production of "Unmute Yourself?"

“In my 27 years of doing theater, I’ve never built a show where the ensemble members haven’t set foot, not once, in a physical rehearsal room,” said director Charlie Delmarcelle.