News Quiz of the Week

All caught up on the headlines from our 9/21 issue? See if you can quash these 5 Quad quandaries from this week’s top stories.

In this issue: Student protests, Philadelphia’s fraught civil rights history, and WCU Women’s Rugby takes the title.


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#1. In Ali Kochik and Caroline Helms' article about the recent arrest and exorbitant bail charge of WCU student, Taylor Enterline, they describe the context of the protests in Lancaster last Monday. What was the name of the nonprofit organization where Enterline worked as a medic during the protests?

Enterline worked with SafeHouse Lancaster to flush the eyes of protesters who had been sprayed with pepper spray or tear gas.

#2. On September 17th, the Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy held a virtual presentation focusing on trans and queer representation in media. In copy editor Nikki Haslett's article on the event, she notes that a portion of the event was devoted to exploring the exploitation of LGBTQ+ characters in various media, a phenomenon called:

Queerbaiting is a marketing technique for fiction and entertainment in which creators hint at, but then do not actually depict, same-sex romance or other LGBTQ representation.” -Wikipedia

#3. Covering a different side of Taylor Enterline's story this week for the AVATT section, Chikayla Barrier wrote about Enterline's presence around campus, specifically her friendship with other WCU students and her former professor, Dr. Sophia Vilceus. What nickname did the article say Dr. Vilceus has earned from her students?

“‘…The fact that we talked about prison reform and we streamed ‘When They See Us’ as a class… she’s just one of the students that are exemplar and memorable in those conversations specifically,’ said Professor Sunshine.”

#4. This week in the Op-Ed section, writer Jenna Walmer discussed the Global Fragility Act, legislation passed by the U.S. government to direct foreign policy towards solving the root causes of violence around the world. Walmer highlights the vital role of youth in social evolution, citing which major event in the history of Philadelphia's struggle for racial equality?

The peaceful walkout of around 3,500 students was met by more than 400 police with clubs on Ben Franklin Parkway, under the direction of Commissioner Frank Rizzo. Rizzo’s statue in Philadelphia was removed in June 2020, after it was targeted in the police brutality protests as a symbol of Rizzo’s policies in the 1960s and 70s.

#5. In Sports editor, Tyler Grace spoke with co-captain of WCU Women's Rugby, Lauren Madalian, about the team's recent national championship win, the first in the program's history. What post-game celebration did the team have to celebrate over Zoom?

WCU officials, including Head Coach Tony DeRemer and President Chris Fiorentino spoke at the event, which Madalian described as “bittersweet.”