Sun. May 26th, 2024

I contemplated 

My pride being my only discrepancy 

 the familial melancholic blue ensues 

Engulfs me 

I contemplated 

I understand who I am, what I need 

Glutinous lust consumed my logic, my love 

The bond I made with you now resembling dust

Withering rust

I contemplated 

Would you pick up out of pity

Belittle me 

 Laugh during our call, make me look silly 

Who am I calling for 

What more could I take 

How much longer can I wait 

When I dial your contact I’ll definitely shake

Today I seriously thought about calling you, 

I contemplated 

Premeditated self-destruction 

You only hurt the ones you love the most


Seth Lopez is a Fourth-year Criminal Justice Major with an Arts Minor 

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