Sun. May 26th, 2024

Can’t believe you put that on your life, every time

But you were just trying to consume another slice of me And I couldn’t take it

I wanted to keep trying

to see all of the love that I know you’re ———

capable of but it was never given or shown

One day, we were getting out of your car and you said “Why didn’t you say anything?”

With a look of despair

As if

You weren’t expressing to me how scared you Were.

Scared of what I was gonna do

Scared that I’d do what she did.

It’s like you never knew me Like you didn’t know my heart, My soul.

I replied back

“It’s not like it would have mattered.” Because I always did what was best for you

Staying to myself when you left me Contemplating everything because what I thought We felt,

I mean what I felt

Was real.

To have found the love of my life I was grateful it

was you.

That I’d be a part of you

But just as you branded yourself with every part of Her

I was forced to erase every lasting memory

of you.

You care about me but only showed it in solitude. You spoke

three words that only my ears indulged.

And so many others


Only my heart felt Touched your skin Yet, it seemed Only

My soul crumbles


Leilah James Secretary for NABJ 

Leilah James, 4th year Exercise Science major with a concentration in Kinesiology,

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