Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

When Chas McCormick envisioned himself playing in the World Series, I doubt he saw that he would be playing against his hometown team. McCormick is a major league outfielder for the Houston Astros, and is currently at war against the Philadelphia Phillies. Growing up in West Chester and attending Henderson High School, he didn’t even think the Major Leagues were a possibility. However, through years of hard work and dedication, Chas has become a key component of baseball’s most dominant team this season. 

Chas knows Philly well, particularly the ruthless and notorious Philly sports fans. He stated in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, “in Citizens Bank Park, that’s what I’m looking for. Playing, getting called out there, and get booed? Whatever. I’m just trying to win.” Growing up in West Chester which is only an hour at most from Philly, Chas grew up a Phillies fan. After becoming a Henderson legend by becoming the first player to record 100 career hits and being a four time All-Ches-Mont Selection, as well as having a solid basketball career, he set his sights on Millersville University’s baseball team. Chas chose Millersville to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Ryan, who also played baseball there, and he quickly set the school ablaze. He became the second Millersville Marauder to be named PSAC Eastern Division Athlete of the Year, set the all-time PSAC hits record with 306 total hits, and finished as Millersville’s all-time record holder in hits, runs and RBIs. After being drafted in 2017, he spent three years in the minors before finally getting a chance in 2021. After a solid showing, he impressed the team enough to make the Astros 2022 opening day roster. 

Some players can shy away and shrink in that atmosphere, but Chas embraced it. In a crucial game four in hostile territory, McCormick hit a nice base hit and ran in on only four at bats. In regards to his playstyle, McCormick is known for his unique stance. Most hitters align their body with the center fielder, while McCormick is angled towards the right fielder. During his swing, he performs a sudden scissor kick motion with his legs, instead of a smoother motion like other hitters perform. But for McCormick, this is not just for show, as this routine has skyrocketed his hitting numbers. At one point, he was hitting over 40% of his at bats!

While he is from West Chester, McCormick has found a new home in Houston, becoming a fan favorite player since his debut in April 2021. Fans have started the Chas Chop, a clapping motion similar to the one used by the Florida Gators. Through his incredible hard work and dedication through Division ll baseball and the Minor Leagues, all the way into a key player in the Astros dominance, Chas McCormick has made West Chester proud.

Dylan Davies is a second-year majoring in communications studies. 




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