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Organizations at West Chester University (WCU) are meant to serve the students involved and the community as a whole. The Daedalus Literary Magazine is celebrating their 50th year in print, as they have published poetry — both fiction and non-fiction — plays, photography and even art throughout each of their issues. The organization has acted as a place for students to showcase their work to the community and is looking to continue their publication for another 50 years.

Serving as WCU’s literary magazine for the past 50 years, Daedalus has worked to ensure all students within the community have a chance to showcase their work. Taking in pieces of creative writing to works of art, the publication is one of the oldest standing organizations still active on campus. The organization is a part of a small group of media and publication organizations at the university and continues to look for opportunities to grow.

Daedalus serves as one of only a few media and publication organizations at the university. The uniqueness of the organization is derived from the publication it creates. Through providing students an opportunity to share their work, Daedalus gives students a chance to share their creative voice. Each submission is welcomed by the literary community and art world. Through reviewed submissions, any accepted work earns the student the honor of being published in the literary magazine. Besides submitting your own work, you can work as an editor within the organization, joining a community of individuals with similar interests. Editors view submissions in a blind vetting process that delves into the content and design elements of each work. After the blind reviews, the group votes on the work. Should you want to join a welcoming group, and see all the outstanding work put forward by the WCU community, then being a part of Daedalus may be a unique and rewarding experience for you.


The service provided by the organization is in the form of uplifting a diverse set of creative individuals, and their voices, to showcase to the community at large. Daedalus looks to also support the cultivation of cultures, lessons of literature, and abstract and other subsets of art. Through occasional cash prizes,
the organization also supports those that take the time to produce their creative works. Daedalus serves as an outlet for those looking to express their creativity, whether that be through photography, creative writing, poetry or other means.

The experiences expressed below are from a group of students who are grateful they were able to join the community within Daedalus. If any of the experiences provided resonate with you, it might be a good idea to seek out the organization. Allison Weissman, Magazine Designer, has been with the organization for a year and a half. Weissman stated, “I joined Daedalus because I fell in love with West Chester’s creative writing workshops.” Being a part of Daedalus, they “feel so lucky to get to see the cre-
ative projects” of their fellow students. Overall, Weissman stated, “my experience has been wonderful. It’s so great to engage with other writers and see new perspectives in a safe, supportive space.” Echo Rogers, Vice President, has been with Daedalus for three years. Rogers stated, “I wanted to join because I was part of my high school literary magazine, and I really enjoyed creating a space for students to showcase their talent.” Elaborating on their time within the organization, they stated, “my time with the magazine has been awesome. I’ve really enjoyed meeting together with people and workshopping and discussing the arts.” Rogers went on to say how not everyone within Daedalus is an “English or Art major,” making “it very interesting hearing different perspectives on art, poetry and writing.” Kristine Kearns, Secretary, has been with the group for the past two years. Kearns stated, “I spent my teenage years teaching myself how to read and submit pieces of creative writing to literary magazines. Daedalus as an organization is one of the most passionate publications I could be a part of.” If you are passionate about creative writing, literature, poetry or any related subject, then Daedalus might be for you.


The organization ended their acceptance of submissions on Feb. 14, but should you want to submit to the literary magazine in the future, utilize the following guidelines:
– Prose Length: “We usually look for prose that’s about 5 double-spaced pages
or less.”
– How To Submit: “Send your work to For prose/po-
etry, please submit as a .docx or .doc file.

For art/photography, please submit as a
JPEG or PNG. (Note: We will be printing

at about 8.5” by 11.” 300 DPI is ideal, so
we can make sure the work looks good
in print.)”

– Does It Cost Anything?: “Submitting is free!”

After the submissions have been reviewed, out of those selected to go into the literary magazine, there will be cash prizes for the top three submissions within each of the categories in the pub-
lication. The winner of the art or photography category will most likely end up on the cover of the magazine itself. Specifically, 50th anniversary-themed cover designs will be picked this time around
though. Also, at the end of this spring 2022 semester, a launch party will be hosted by the organization, which will feature a reading of the publication. The authors of the accepted works are especially invited to come and present their own pieces, as well as bring their friends and/or family. The showcase and the reading will most likely take place in late April of 2022. Lastly, if you would like to join Daedalus, feel free to join via their Ramconnect page for emails, or see their social media. The organization meets every other Tuesday currently, in Main Hall or via Zoom.

Academic Makeup (Of Those Fea-

– Majors – English Writings, English.
– Minors – Creative Writing, Graphic Design.

Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil & Professional Leadership.

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