Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

New bookcases (CC BY 2.0) by tristanf

“‘Tis the damn season,” as Taylor Swift says! The time is upon us where we are all racking our brains for the best gift to give the special people in our lives. The holiday season can easily become one of stress and pressure, but fret not, for I am now presenting you with the perfect gift guide for all of the readers in your life. For bookworms, by a bookworm, this incomplete list is bound to spark some creativity and get you to check some of the names off of your holiday shopping list.

1 – Home Library Embosser 

For many readers, their personal libraries are a source of great pride. Every book they own and read becomes part of a special collection, making up the catalogue of stories they have journeyed to. What better way to honor that pride than by gifting your bookworm with a customized book embosser. Crafted by StampBossArt on Etsy, the portable, handheld stamps can be made with any name and a wide variety of designs and graphics. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as readers are then able to stamp every book, marking it as their own before putting it on their shelves. Everyone loves receiving personal gifts, and there’s nothing more personal than a special tool that was crafted just for them.

2 – Page Petal Bookmarks

The holidays are a time where many people love to give gifts of beauty. Few things are as unarguably beautiful as flowers, and Page Petal bookmarks are made from exactly that. Specifically designed to symbolize countless well known literary characters, each bookmark features a stunning array of colorful flower petals and leaves. The best part is, the brand also features several bookmark collections, such as the “Little Women” set or the “Lord of the Rings” set, each containing several character bookmarks from those books. Figure out which books have captured your bookworm’s heart, and you will be sure to capture theirs with the gift of beauty that they will use regularly as they read.

bookmarked CC BY 2.0 by pj vanf

3 – Billy Bookcases

One of the biggest universal problems faced by every reader is having too many books and nowhere to keep them. This leads to haphazard stacks of novels, piles of books kept on tables and chairs and one frustrated bookworm who really just wants to put their treasures somewhere safe and pretty. IKEA has many things, but one of the best things they have created is the Billy Bookcase system. With a plethora of sizes and shapes, once you own one of the bookcase, you can continue expanding and growing your unit as your collection grows. The thought of giving shelving as a holiday gift might not seem like the most exciting idea at first, but your reader will most definitely dance with joy after unwrapping a place to display their favorite objects.

4 – Literary Apparel 

Bookworms are nothing short of style icons, with many of them loving to wear or carry items that showcase their favorite tales. The online shop, Out of Print, carries everything from shirts to tote bags to pins to socks, all decorated in beautiful detail with some of literature’s best sellers. Whether they love “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “Pride and Prejudice” or the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, there is something in this shop for every reader. On the website, you can shop by product or by collection in order to find exactly what your reader will love. Decorate them like you decorated your home for the holidays, dressing them head to toe in their favorite characters and stories.

Ali Kochik is a fourth-year English major with minors in Journalism and Women’s & Gender Studies.

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