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Evan Brooks is a fourth-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil & Professional Leadership.

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Politics, while not so fun to keep up with sometimes, provides an important look into our nation’s soul. The College Democrats of West Chester University (WCU) represents one of two main halves of the political parties in the U.S., and as such, should be understood for what it embodies, and which side of each argument it stands on. This article is one of two “Organization of the Week” interviews — the other being with the College Republicans of WCU — that serve the purpose of featuring two of our most prominent political organizations at WCU. 

About The Organization 

The College Democrats of WCU have long been around with the university, but have more recently begun to pick up again. The organization was originally founded as a chapter of the “College Democrats of America.” The College Democrats of America is a national student lead group that is centered around politics. The College Democrats look to continue from their roots, and be a politically active organization that constantly learns about political offices. This organization, like the College Republicans, aims to create an environment for like-minded individuals to come and feel comfortable discussing their beliefs. 

The College Democrats believe that it is important to not only be politically active but be aware. By having guest speakers often, whether they are local politicians running for political office in West Chester or adjoining boroughs or state recognizable figures, the organization wishes to create networking and learning opportunities for its members. 

Meeting weekly, the College Democrats discuss anything from current events to volunteer opportunities that anyone can take a part in. Through current events, the organization looks at the current political figures of the day, all the way to the local politics of the area. The volunteer opportunities can also range from campaign work like canvassing, to service projects in the community. 

The organization also likes to plan exciting field trips, whether they be seasonal like a haunted house or hayride, or the possibility of trips to government buildings to see where the laws that govern the county, state, or nation are passed. The organization also aims to have debates between the other political organizations, to ensure a respectful flow of ideas and viewpoints. 

The College Democrats offer an open and welcoming place for students to come and experience the world of politics. The organization aims to provide networking and volunteer opportunities, but also to allow for learning to take place so the political world can be understood a little more after each meeting. 

Experience In The Organization 

The environment experienced within the College Democrats is one of openness, and consistent political learning. By joining you can find and make life-long connections and friends — both with the peers that attend and the guest speakers that present. Being an officer within this organization is rewarding and provides professional experience. Whether you are just a casual member or a long-standing officer, the College Democrats is seen as a place where you can go to express yourself with like-minded individuals, as well as learn from others. 

Upcoming Events 

Some upcoming events for the College Democrats include; a debate moderated by the Political Science Association, between the College Democrats and the College Republicans. The Debate will be held sometime in Nov. 2021, before the Thanksgiving break. The College Democrats may also be having some more guest speakers attend, as well as some more field trips in the future. Lastly, election day is Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, so do not forget to go out and vote. 

When And Where They Meet 

The College Democrats of WCU, meet every Thursday at 7:15 p.m. in the Business and Public Management Building, room 112 — although keep an eye on Ramconnect in case of room changes. 

Where To Find Them 

Instagram – @wcudems 

Ramconnect – 

Website – 

Cheyanne Fleming is a first-year Political Science major with a minor in Spanish.

Evan Brooks is a third-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civic and Professional Leadership. 

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