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Photo provided by WCU Photography Club Instagram (@wcuphotography).

The photography club is a unique and artistic club that teaches those, especially who are eager to learn, about Photoshop, the settings on a professional camera and many other interesting ideas relating to taking that perfect shot.  

“Photography club is such a great and fun way to creatively express yourself,” stated Avery Conner, a member of the photography club. “We take pictures almost every meeting, learn how to edit our photos in labs, go on trips, have photography contests and more.” 

So far, competitions have taken place and the winners were publicly announced on both the email and Instagram page. Members of the club had both the opportunity to post and vote for which picture they thought had the best shot. Typically, contests are not themed unless it’s a holiday, and they occur every few weeks. Future competitions will take place as well but they are currently undecided. There might even be a special contest during the holiday season. 

But wait, there’s more! The club is also possibly thinking of doing day trips to some exciting places such as New York City, Philadelphia and maybe even Washington D.C. This way, the organization has a chance to expand their photography skills. These specific places are perfect for photography, especially since they have so much to offer when it comes to exquisite and scenic areas. From popular monuments and tall buildings to historical structures, these cities present themselves with so many different angles a photographer could take. 

Dante Fruncillo created the club back in 2018 and decided to recreate it for this year after years of being cancelled due to lockdown. “The photography club is open to everyone, regardless of skill level,” said Dante Fruncillo, one of the board members of the club. “It’s a great place to meet new people and learn more about photography.” 

Here are some more useful tips before joining the club. First, you don’t need a professional camera. You can just use your phone camera and it is just as effective. Second, if you’re nervous and have never used a camera in your life, it’s totally okay. This club is willing to help teach you how to properly use it. They also suggest doing some research on your own so that you can be more comfortable. If you’re unsure what to look up, just search YouTube tutorials on how to use it. 

As an officer of this club, I really enjoy this one-of-a-kind activity. You get a different perspective on life and that’s why I really like being a part of this group. It takes patience and time to learn how to do anything, but in the end, I always like to say it’s worth it. Learning how to use a camera can really change your life for the better.  

There are a few ways to keep up with all these intriguing events. Follow their Instagram page (@wcuphotography) and reach out to be added to their discord. This organization also takes pictures of other clubs and they take headshots. If you need photographers for your own club, just reach out to them and they will let you know what works. 

If anyone is interested in joining the club or utilizing what it has to offer, feel free to reach out to Dante Fruncillo ( or any of the other officers. 

Sean Wattman is a first-year Psychology major with a minor in journalism.

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