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Almost since the very beginning of West Chester University (WCU), the Serpentine Yearbook has been there capturing the history of both the student population and the university as a whole. Serving as the one of the only archival publications, the Serpentine Yearbook has long been an invaluable reflection tool for both students and the university alike. Through documenting campus community experiences, the Serpentine Yearbook has a lasting legacy with WCU that dates back to 1910.

The Serpentine Yearbook is arguably the oldest current standing organization at West Chester University, making its first debut as “The Pathfinder” in 1910. In 1911, the current name of The Serpentine, came into existence, and has remained since. The namesake for the yearbook comes from the kind of stone used in the construction of Recitation Hall, Ruby Jones Hall and The Old Library, the name of the stone being Serpentine.

The yearbook, each year, strives to show the diversity within WCU by highlighting all the graduating seniors that can schedule to get their photos taken for the yearbook both now and in the spring via the Ramconnect page, and the expansive library of organizations that are active around campus. By capturing organizations, students and events through photography, the yearbook stores memories that can be looked back on.

This long-standing organization also offers unique opportunities for professional growth, whether you are interested in digital design, layout, photography, marketing, sales or something else. The Serpentine Yearbook offers professional opportunities and experiences that students can take with them past WCU.

Image provided by the Serpentine Yearbook.

Most of the positions within the yearbook offer both personal and tangible value through possible memorabilia and payment for work accomplished. Should you be interested in professional skill development of any of the before-mentioned skills, or the yearbook just sounds like an interesting prospect to you, feel free to connect with the organization on Ramconnect or through their Instagram page, both of which are listed below.

Another opportunity to connect with the Serpentine Yearbook will be this week on the Academic Quad. Come for “Pumpkins & Pictures” on Oct. 28 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., where there will be pumpkin painting, treats, possibly some tricks and a photo booth. This event is a great way to spend your Thursday afternoon and relax. The organization also encourages you to bring your friends, and to connect with the yearbook on Ramconnect so you can know when more events like this occur.

The Serpentine Yearbook has a dedicated executive team, as well as a devoted advisor, Professor Ilknur Sancak-Marusa, that has aided in the success of the organization, to get it to where it currently stands. This organization has spirit and the drive to continue its long and rich history with the university as it serves the student body.

Currently, the yearbook team is continuing to build its brand, through marketing and sales, as well as using that expertise to sell books and advertisements. Graphic design is also a good part of the production and operations of the yearbook, as they build out their social media presence. If any of the above-mentioned interests you, the Serpentine Yearbook is open for anyone to join.

All are welcome in this organization, and no matter your interests, the Serpentine Yearbook has a place for you. Whether it is layout for pages, or possibly the production side of things, there is a place for you within this organization. Photography is also a large part of the organization as we capture moments at events around campus. There are also business aspects that go into moving the organization along, so, again, the yearbook welcomes you.

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