Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
Sean Wattman
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Sean Wattman is a first-year Psychology major with a minor in journalism.

Photograph taken by Erica Thompson.

After a long year of being on lock down, the Golden Ram Society is already in the swing of things. Only several weeks have passed since West Chester University opened for the 2021-2022 academic school year and quite a few events have already taken place.

The Golden Rams Society is a committed group of students who learn about networking, marketing and many other forms of business. Their prime goal is to raise money while also getting the privilege to meet university officials. Their return to campus is just the beginning, and they will do everything they can to make this program the best it has ever been.

“We have many goals, but most importantly we serve as student ambassadors who meet face to face with donors and alumni to thank them for their continued support and share our stories as current students,” said junior Katie Kerr, the president of the Golden Ram Society. “Currently, we are working to also engage students in giving back to their peers to campus causes like the Resource Pantry, our Veterans Center, and counseling services, among other things. We are so excited to be back and serve West Chester University.”

To start off, the society had a few volunteers help with handing out cupcakes for the 150th anniversary of the college. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, with even a gluten-free selection, were proudly displayed and distributed to the public in celebration of this historically special event.

Photograph by Margo Maas.

That was only just the beginning. Later that evening, the campaign launch reception took place at Swope. During this, members of the society handed out name tags, ushered donors, faculty & staff, and friends of WCU to their seats in the audience and gave away free string bags with little pins showing “150” on it in celebration of this exciting year ahead.

Photograph by Margo Maas.

The next day, the Presidential Gold Box Experience occurred. Members volunteered their weekend time to help with ushering guests to their seats, handing out water bottles/pretzels and setting up tables for this special occasion. This all took place at the football game, and honestly, it was brutally hot. However, despite the heat, these strong individuals kept on working and persevered. They stayed professional and friendly and ensured that all guests had a memorable experience.

The week after that, more members attended the ribbon cutting ceremony in dedication to the new Ware Fountain at the Roger and Agnes Ware Plaza, which has given a new look to West Chester University’s entrance at High St. and Rosedale Ave. The society stood there representing themselves and the WCU Foundation. These students had the opportunity to not only see this once in a lifetime experience, but also be a part of it, as they were the leading photo alongside donors in the recognition publication. This new area, which includes a fancy new water fountain, allows a new space for students to sit and relax on campus as well.

This organization does more than just allow students to volunteer and work at events. It also gives them an opportunity to network with people through the university, and with the university community. This relationship building allows for possible future internships and career opportunities. It gives these college students a chance to get a head start on where their future can take them. Plus, you could earn some scholarships. 

“Leading the Golden Rams Society has given me the incredible opportunity to lead WCU students down a path of success,” stated Margo Maas, the assistant director of Student Philanthropy. “Developing their leadership, professional development, and networking skills has been my greatest joy. My goal is to connect them with their people and their passion for the best college experience here at West Chester University.”

Speaking of the future, there are so many other upcoming events occurring including the annual Presidential Gala.

As a member myself, I felt the impact of Maas’s goal for the organization firsthand. There were so many clubs, and I wasn’t sure which one to join, but after experiencing and getting a taste of this unique group, I did more than make friends. I was offered a catering job here at West Chester through the society and I am incredibly grateful that I have found something like this.

If anyone is interested in participating in this extraordinary society, just reach out to Margo Maas at for a run-down of what is expected after you’ve applied and interviewed.

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