Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

“Horizon’s Gate” is, in my opinion, the most tragic story of a good game drowned in obscurity that I think I have ever seen.

“Horizon’s Gate” is an open world, turn-based RPG set in a land named Eral. You are the captain of a ship that has been betrayed by your own country and must gather forces, trade goods, fight monsters and stop the sinister plot surrounding your attempted assassination.

With this being the third game in their universe, Rad Codex has offered a unique experience using both the environment and the player’s own resourcefulness in combat in fresh and innovative ways.

Grow trees in the middle of combat as an obstacle, cut through some bushes to give more space to move around and moisten the ground to then electrify your enemies.

The world of “Horizon’s Gate” is filled to the brim with fun facts and in-depth lore about their own world. They tried as hard as they could to avoid the normal pitfalls in the setting by stating plainly on the Steam page: “Unique fantasy setting – not one elf, orc or goblin in sight.” Lo and behold, there are a ton of new and interesting ideas for races and classes in this game, with monster ideas and places in the world that feel lived-in and believable.

The class system is in-depth and ridiculously diverse in concepts. By standard, all characters can have two classes with a maximum of four classes with each one of them in a hierarchy in a sense. You have a core class that is often the main one that you typically use the most features from. It’s also the only class that gains experience when you complete quests and defeat enemies. The rest of them are there to offer abilities and, oftentimes, even just one ability from a sub-sub class can change the tide of battle.

The kinds of classes are insane, as well. Want to play as a bat tamer that throws bats around? Do you want to play as a class that sets themselves on fire to deal more damage? Do you want to play as a class that can punch a person nearly eight times in one turn? 

There is a ton of variety in how a character can be built from the wide variety of weapons and weapon enchantments as well as different types of armor and tons of other things that offer a ridiculous amount of variety to the gameplay and your experience.

As a ship captain, you can have a fleet of ships traversing the world, doing things that provide unique rewards and surprising twists. Combatting sea monsters and discovering new ports and towns is only skimming the surface of one of the many things that you can do once you are at sea.


Edward Park is a fourth-year Education major.

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