Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
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As we continue to move forward in evolving entertainment, it’s hard to understand what will become of what things used to be. The internet brings us so many things, but it takes away the little things in life that prior generations before us used to thrive on. The way entertainment is now is not what it used to be a decade ago, nor will entertainment be the same as it is now ten years from now. What we see as entertainment changes from day to day, month to month and year by year. One day it could be a brand new show or film that is on television or in the local movie theater, or it could be an “exclusive” show or film that is strictly found on a streaming service. Nonetheless, we have all seen entertainment evolve so much over the past decade alone, and the sky is the limit with the industry that we all thrive on for laughter and to dive into fictional worlds and stories that bring us joy. 

Film in general has so much potential to evolve and watch the entertainment industry be eclipsed by the love of film and art that the actors and actresses put on the screen. Lines that bring this entertainment to more people are returning, with Broadway theater opening up once more as well as movie theaters across America. Entertainment is returning to what it used to be, per sorts. However, what we thought of as entertainment two years ago is not what we think of entertainment now. We now have so many outlets as viewers to envelop ourselves in so many fantastic stories, whether it was made this year or twenty years ago. Thanks to the internet once again, it has brought many people back to enjoying such stories via streaming and online video players like YouTube or Disney+, and it will continue to evolve further into bringing more into the viewer’s hands. It is important that we realize that as the year continues further, the more entertainment continues to evolve and for the greater good. Who knows, movie theaters could all together be gone in a decade, but nobody knows how it will be in that time. 

For now, movies are on both streaming platforms and in physical theaters, and it looks to be continuing that way for a long time to come. Entertainment has evolved many times since its explosion in the twentieth century to what we now know as modern entertainment, but the true evolution of the industry has yet to show itself, as more and more technology is made to make movies and the way to access content even greater than it ever was. Without entertainment and film, these stories would have never made it out of books and comics, and that is what makes the evolution of entertainment so mysterious. The rise of entertainment will continue for many years to come and will evolve even after our lifetime. 

Jeff Babcock is a fourth-year student majoring in communications and minoring in journalism.

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