With such a vast diverse selection of organizations at West Chester University, it is hard to not find at least one that would interest you. From my own experiences interacting with several organizations, it is apparent that each is unique in their goals and how they operate. The shape and purpose of each organization is ultimately molded by the individuals, the students, that make up the community within each of the organizations.

The organization of this week, the Investment Group, has been an active member of the WCU community since the fall of 2016. It started as an opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of investing as a whole. This understanding is built by performing industry-standard equity valuations, or learning how to value companies, while utilizing money from WCU. Using money from the university helps ensure students are not risking their own money while gaining much needed investing experience for when they do.

From executive board officers to brand new members, it is clear that being a part of the Investment Group leaves a positive and permanent impression in everyone’s lives. Director of Marketing Scott McDade has been with the organization for around two years. In describing the organization, McDade stated how the organization conducts research as a group, analyzes data and holds “two meetings a week to help manage and grow” their portfolio. In terms of participation, members will have the opportunity to “collaborate on teams to pitch whatever stock” the group chooses.

McDade also stated how “the Investment Group is a great way to learn relevant material, practice public speaking and to learn how to operate the Bloomberg terminals, all while having fun with your peers,” adding that joining the organization was the “best decision I have made.”

Fund Manager Desmond Brock has been with the Investment Group since fall of 2019. Brock echoed how the organization provides “valuable investment, public speaking, leadership and networking experience to members” of the organization. Further explaining what the group does, Brock said how the organization invests “in equities through two different portfolios, both of which are student run,” and how they “make changes to that portfolio as” they see fit.

Brock also said that he joined the group because he “wanted to learn and acquire valuable experience.” He “also wanted to challenge [himself] and grow as a person.” Brock highlighted how he has “gotten more out of the Investment Group than any of the classes” he has taken thus far and how he has advanced his “career readiness and finance knowledge considerably” since he has joined.

Fund Manager Matt Wilson, who has been with the organization for around three years, reiterated how “the Investment Club is a collaborative group that researches, buys and sells stocks to maximize portfolio efficiency.” Wilson solidifies how the organization operates as a team and works to promote the best financial outcomes possible for its portfolios.

Executive Analyst Tyler Yeagy, a member for around two years, said “the club aims to educate its members in investing as well as different techniques to evaluate stocks” and the market as a whole. Yeagy continued, stating that “the educational benefit as a result of this organization has far superseded what I have learned thus far in my education so far at West Chester.” Yeagy explained further how “no class I’ve taken so far has come close to awarding me the information I’ve obtained through this organization,” information he has sought after majoring in finance.

In regards to the community that makes up this organization, Yeagy said how it is “full of ambitious students dedicated to learning and teaching others valuable information we aren’t learning in the classroom.” Yeagy’s statements highlight how invaluable the Investment Club’s meetings and information is.

Executive Analyst Andrew Freed, having been with the organization for about two years, said how the organization manages a portfolio of stocks through research, pitching ideas and deciding on investments as a group, all further highlighting the community aspect and educational benefit from the Investment Group.

Three new members to the Investment Group, Thrush Patel, Gabriel Oniate and Ben Renner, all have had welcoming experiences in the roughly two months they have been a part of the organization. Patel said how he has “had a positive experience with the organization,” and how “the members are welcoming and provide an inclusive environment to apply skills that expand beyond the classroom.”

Oniate said that “it has been great so far,” and that his assigned mentor has been incredibly helpful with any questions he has had. Being in the Investment Group opens up many opportunities, including the option to have your own peer mentor. Mentors help with any questions you may have and can become a great learning resource.

Renner also agrees that joining can be a great experience, stating that his short time within the group has been “very informative and has been fun.”

As can be seen from all the quotes and comments from the members of the Investment Group, the organization is a collective of lifelong learners. The group promotes learning, mostly about investing, but above all, encourages community and teamwork.

I encourage you to attend at least one of the organization’s meetings. Each week, you can stop by on Wednesdays for general meetings or on Thursdays to sit in while the organization’s leadership discusses the stock market and the group’s portfolios. Meetings run from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on both days. Feel free to contact the group via their RamConnect page, website or Instagram, all mentioned below. The Investment Group is also home to many guest speakers who are business professionals and experts in their fields.

Overall, this is an amazing organization to be a part of if you are a business major, have a business minor or are at all interested in business in some way. But above all, the Investment Group offers invaluable experience for anyone wanting to know more about investing.


RamConnect Page- https://ramconnect.wcupa.edu/student_community?club_id=19832

Website- https://ramconnect.wcupa.edu/wcuig/home/

Instagram- @wcu_investment_group


Evan Brooks is a third-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil and Professional Leadership. EB916132@wcupa.edu

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