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Organizations at West Chester University have been around for a varying amount of time, and each was made to serve a different purpose. Following last week’s column on Model UN, this next organization I will cover is entering its 10th year being active and holds the central purpose of giving back to the university and its community. The Golden Rams Society (GRS) is an organization that values service at some of the highest levels through volunteering time, money and above all, passion.

Keana Flowers, the secretary for the GRS, has been involved with the organization for about a year. Her reason for joining was because she “knew that it could potentially open up a lot of different opportunities…” that she “would be able to experience, while also getting to network.” Flowers points out that anyone who joins the GRS will be a part of an amazing community, a community that allows for many opportunities to meet some great individuals, whether they be alumni, fellow students or staff members, providing an invaluable networking experience.

Another student leader within GRS, Amanda Friemann, is the Marketing Coordinator for the organization and has been with it for around two years. Providing some more insight as to the purpose of the GRS, Friemann stated how her “group helps to educate WCU students and alumni about the importance of philanthropy and why giving back matters.” Being a huge advocate for community service myself, the organization’s goal to teach the importance of giving back is noble beyond measure.

The president of the GRS, Katie Kerr, who has been with the organization for about three years now, commented on her reason for joining. Kerr “saw the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students here at WCU.” The recurring definition of the Golden Rams Society is service to others. This organization emits a clear message of giving, meaning that it is clear that if you wish to help your peers or the WCU community, you should join the GRS. 

Meghan Pitney, the current Philanthropy Chair for the organization, has been in GRS for close to two years now. When it comes to events, Pitney explained how “due to the pandemic, many of our usual events are happening virtually.” As a member of the GRS, you would “still have opportunities to attend these events and interact with alumni.” Even as the virtual semesters continue, organizations continue to remain active, and the GRS is no exception.

Margo Maas, the Assistant Director of Student Philanthropy at the WCU Foundation and a 2017 alumn of WCU, told me how not only is being a part of this organization a great opportunity for professional development but also an amazing chance to use your passion to help others. The GRS offers many opportunities to engage with both alumni and donors, providing unique networking experiences.

With the main goal to give back, one way being to provide scholarships to peers, the level of personal fulfillment is great. Not only are you giving financial aid when providing something like scholarships, but you are also providing possible job opportunities as the recipient gains a better chance to finish their degree. This in turn changes the course of that recipient’s life.

Your positive actions not only impact others, but also shape who you become as a person. To be a part of or learn more information on the Golden Rams Society, contact Margo Maas via email at or go visit their Instagram page at @grs_wcupa.


Evan Brooks is a third-year Business Management major with minors in Economics and Civil and Professional Leadership.

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