According to an email sent out to the student and faculty of West Chester University from the Vice President of Student Affairs, WCU campus will be temporarily housing the United States National Guard per the request of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. 

The email indicated that the “services of the National Guard are intended for use in Philadelphia.” 

The presence of the National Guard has been described as a “relief effort,” likely in response to the protests concerning the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd. Protests have taken place since Tuesday, June 2 and are expected to

continue into Friday, June 5.

According to one observer, several military-grade vehicles and a dozen members of the National Guard were visible outside of Sturzebecker at about 7 pm today.  On the same day, the Borough of West Chester Police Department issued a statement concerning the presence of the National Guard in West Chester, claiming that neither the department nor the borough of West Chester requested National Guard presence.

Sources have reported a convoy of 8-10 vehicles leaving the parking lot of Sturzebecker and going through the Gordon Nature area that were “heavily armed.” 

Samantha Walsh is a fourth-year special education and English dual-major.


  • That’s great news! it’s an honor to host these distinguished guests. Everyone should be thrilled! That’s great.

    • Shut it Bill You Opinion Does Not Matter!!!! Go Clean Your Dirty Room Or I AM Telling Mom About Your Nasty Infection!!

  • It is sad, that Governor Wolf had to call in the National Guard to protect the public and property against looters that use the George Floyd murder as a smokescreen. The men and women of the PANG should be provided with housing at WCU as they were called up to support the Philadelphia police.

  • I am disgusted,.. but not surprised, to learn that the PA National Guard unit has left the WCU campus as of Thursday evening. I am quite sure that university President Fiorentino went whining to the state to complain that his students were upset that the evil National Guard was on campus and that people were going to die! Your president is a human wind vane with the spine of a slinky and couldn’t stick to a decision if he was super-glued to it. The Guard was here to protect lives and property from the thugs (yes I said thugs) that were using the Floyd protests as cover to create anarchy. WCU should have been proud to be hosting the Guard, instead it’s another example of Fiorentino caving to the snowflake, woke, scolds that have become so common on college campuses. He is not doing you any favors by capitulating to every ridiculous “demand” that any wet behind the ears social justice “warrior” makes. Not only does it encourage others to make even more outrageous and dangerous demands, it certainly doesn’t help prepare you for the real world where you actually have to work at things to make any kind of change. Grow a spine Chris!

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