“Survivor: Winners at war” update

This past week on “Survivor: Winners at War,” we saw game-changing moves and crazy reactions at Tribal.

But before we get to that, let’s recap what happened on this past Wednesday’s “Survivor” episode. In this week’s episode, it consisted of constant paranoia upon the Sele tribe, as once again Sele went up against the Dakal tribe in their immunity challenge and lost. Adam, winner of “Survivor: Millennials v. Gen X,” decided that now was the time to target a member of the supposed “old school alliance,” Parvati. However, Adam decided to do this under completely wrong circumstances by telling one of her alliance members, Ethan, who in turn relayed it to Parvati and the “Godfather” Boston Rob. Because of this, the entire Sele tribe, after the challenge they had lost moments prior, ended up in a quiet afternoon of nothing but silent stares at one another.

Fellow castaways Ben, Denise, Michelle and Jeremy were all blindsided that Adam had told Ethan the plan they had to blindside Parvati, and it was complete and utter chaos. Meanwhile at Dakal, they had the last three out of four immunity wins, with the one loss resulting in Amber’s boot and a divine reward of chicken kebabs. At the Edge of Extinction, those players who were booted off so far this season had to find a specific advantage in order to offer to the players still in the game by trading fire tokens, which are your life on Edge of Extinction.

The first to be voted out, Natalie, found the advantage and offered it to Sarah, who is on the Dakal tribe. This intrigued her greatly because the advantage was to “steal a vote,” which means you can steal another tribe member’s vote at tribal council. But it was hidden at the other tribe’s camp in a torch, so Sarah relied on her “Cops-R-Us” member Tony to help camouflage her, and Sarah went and infiltrated the Sele camp and got the advantage.

While Dakal was living their best life, Adam over on Sele was simultaneously blowing up his entire game before his eyes. Parvati knew of the plan to blindside her, as well as the entire “old school” players alliance. This put Michelle and Jeremy in a terrible spot because they quickly became the swing votes of the tribal council that very evening. At Tribal, Rob and Adam got into a war of words, as they went back and forth about what was talked about at camp a few days prior, with Rob ultimately calling Adam out in front of the entire tribe and Jeff Probst. Unfortunately, however, due to not knowing much about the “find a bunker” ideology and the fact that Jeremy and Michelle decided to stick to their guns, Rob’s plan to flip the votes on Adam flopped. It sent a shockwave through the tribe as Ethan, winner of the third season of “Survivor” was blindsided and voted into the Edge of Extinction without even having a clue of what was going on.

Now, going into next week, I don’t really know how it will stand. Dakal has a two-person advantage over Sele now, and that can be huge going into the next immunity challenge and the rest going forward before the merge. I hope that Sandra or Ben gets voted off, mainly because they are two big threats, especially the two-time winner Sandra, and I feel like by taking out a huge target early on, they will have a much better chance of winning the $2 million. Find out what happens next this Wednesday at 8/7c only on CBS.

Jeffrey Babcock is a third-year student majoring in communications and minoring in journalism. JB884128@wcupa.edu

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