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Editor’s Letter

Dear West Chester,

I’ve been loosely following the news of the coronavirus, and I feel like I should address some of my thoughts on the spread of the virus as I see it. We’ve had two articles in The Quad addressing the outbreak thus far, and I wanted to say a couple of words.

The outbreak is undeniably an issue that raises legitimate cause for concern – especially among the elderly, the very young and those who are already immunocompromised. An outbreak such as this inevitably draws politicization and sensationalism that only creates a larger issue out of one already present.

I discourage articles about the coronavirus in The Quad for this reason. Much of the information and statistics can be found scattered across every major news outlet, and I see little to no need to report on the same information that only makes other people worry more than they already are. There’s a blurry line between sensationalism and relaying critical information that may be cause for concern to the public; it’s a line I don’t want to cross.

Knowing the facts and understanding the impact of the virus to better protect yourself against the outbreak are the best things anyone can do right now. If you can afford it, stay home when you’re sick. Visit your doctor, get your flu shot, wash your hands and get a good night’s sleep. Even simplistic preventative measures can be more than enough.

Don’t panic and stay wary of your health, West Chester. Put in the work to keep yourself and others safe. Be mindful of where your information is coming from.


Samantha Walsh

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