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Editor’s Letter

Dear West Chester,

Pulled from Kyle Gombosi’s poll in this week’s issue, we asked the editorial board what they consider to be their most important political issues.

Samantha: I look for a candidate who is not running on corporate donations, and one that places emphasis on college and public education reform and living wages.

Kirsten: As a graduating senior, I’m super worried about my money. I’m not going to have too much of it, so I want to make sure it’s being put to good use. We have a crazy overfunded military and, unfortunately, many overlooked communities in our country that need attention—also known as the almighty dollar.

Alexis: I look for a candidate who is working for the average person. Issues like women’s rights, affordable healthcare, and affordable education are the most important to me.

Maria: I am very concerned about the climate crisis. I think whoever ends up winning the election has to be able to take immediate action. Health care is also a very pressing issue since the healthcare sector has become more of a business rather than a way for people to seek affordable help.

Tyler: I would say an important political issue for myself is prioritizing care for the environment, as well as seriously caring for the common person instead of the 1%

Jeff: I’m looking for a specific candidate to understand the average person and not the rich. Full transparency across the board, and someone who cares to stop the coronavirus.

Justin: The single most important issue facing both our country, as well as the planet, is the fast growing environmental degradation being brought about by policies that undermine overwhelming and near unanimous climate scientists’ research.

Shannon: Public health, specifically the distribution of chronic and environmentally borne diseases across the American Public and how disease prevention (or a lack thereof) is implemented.

Emma: When it comes to political candidates, the major issues for me surround immigration and the global climate crisis. I want a candidate who will take immediate action and undo the works of past administrations.

John: I would like a political candidate that has full transparency on their motives, and wants to help the average American.


The Quad Staff

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