In support of Amy Klobuchar

The candidate America needs is the one America isn’t talking about — not Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg or Joe Biden. We need Amy Klobuchar.

On Feb. 11, 2020, Klobuchar finally hit her stride. She was in third place after the New Hampshire primaries, having won 19.8% of the vote. She beat prominent candidates like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. The energy of her campaign shifted after the New Hampshire debate on Feb. 7, where her words resonated with voters. In fact, her words were so powerful that she raised $1 million in donations before midnight that same night and raised another $2 million that weekend.

So why did so many people donate to Klobuchar over the weekend of Feb. 7?

Klobuchar’s campaign has the ability to make voters feel like their voice matters. Klobuchar stated, “I know you and I will fight for you,” multiple times during her closing statement after the last debate. Those words help make Americans feel like they matter, no matter what political party you are a member of. In a country that is so divided today, that feeling of importance matters.

Klobuchar knows the needs of college students because she fights for tuition-free community college, technical certifications and a simplified financial aid process. Klobuchar knows the needs of our workers because she vows to raise minimum wage to $15. Klobuchar understands the value of family because she will mandate 12 weeks of paid family leave and end the family separation policy. Klobuchar knows how mental health takes a toll on the American people and she will fight to expand health care coverage for mental health and substance use. Klobuchar fights for women because she vows to ensure funding for Planned Parenthood and end the global and domestic gag rule. Most of all, Klobuchar wants to hear everyone’s voices. She will fight for every American to register to vote by the time they turn 18 and eliminate voting obstacles through the “Voting Rights Act” and “For The People Act.”

In addition, she can increase Americans’ trust in government again. She has proven that she can reach both parties in the most recent debate. Not only that, but she has worked with several Republicans on various bills. Klobuchar’s stance on the issues are not too far left and not too far right. In an article published by POLITICO on Feb. 11, 2019, Klobuchar was described as, “someone who can cut deals with Republicans and occasionally tacks to the center.”

Isn’t that the candidate Americans should want?

Americans should want a candidate that is willing to fight for them. Americans should want a candidate that makes you feel like your opinions are valid. Americans should want a president that is truly there for them — not a president who is there solely for members of a particular party, but who is there for the greater good of the American people. Most of all, Americans should want someone that has the ability to bring everyone together, no matter their ideology.

Some say Klobuchar cannot beat President Donald Trump. Her “Minnesota Nice” style could never stand up to his abrasive words. The fact that she is moderate would drive away strong liberal voters and President Trump’s base is as strong as the wall he strives to build. Some say we need a strong liberal candidate to attract the strong liberal base in order to beat Donald Trump.

Yet, those people fail to realize that there has been someone in office who has not fought for the majority of Americans in our country for the past four years. Trump has consistently put down African Americans, Hispanics and women throughout his term. He has not fought for the majority of the American people, and he has generated a divided America; he has made Americans distrust the government and despise one another.

Klobuchar’s words proved that she will fight for all American citizens throughout her term, and that is what we need. The United States has been far from united since November 2016. Amy Klobuchar has the ability to make us united again.

Alexa Padley is a third-year student  majoring in communication studies with minors in media & culture and human resource management. AP884818@wcupa.edu

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