Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


On Feb. 1, the Golden Rams took on Springfield College and Rhode Island College for their home opener. The Golden Rams took the win for the meet, but they still hope to keep building their scores from here.

Starting on the vault exercise, the Golden Rams fought hard and had a phenomenal performance. Their vaults this week were higher, more controlled and cleaner than the previous three weeks.

Coach Cordova stated after the event, “Those were the best vaults we have had all season!”

The Golden Rams were determined to build their endurance and adrenaline based on their performance and not based off of the scores — which is a goal they have had for the past few weeks. Some highlights from the vault exercise include first year Kiah Johnson who scored a 9.625, placing second, as well as third year Jessica Meakim who scored a 9.575,  placing third on the event.

Moving onto the uneven bars, the Golden Rams had some stellar performances. Third year Melanie Wojewoda took first place on the event with a 9.8, and first year Samantha Gill took second on the event with a 9.725. Meakim took third on the event scoring a 9.65. Second-year Ashley Duke and fourth-year Natalie Onderko made their season debut after they returned from injury.

When Onderko was asked how she felt competing for the first time after surgery, she responded, “Being able to compete after elbow surgery was exhilarating. I was extremely proud of this major accomplishment and thankful for all the positive support given by my coaches, teammates and trainers. I’m feeling overjoyed and truly grateful to have the opportunity to compete [during] my last season as a Golden Ram!”

The balance beam was a tougher event for the Golden Rams, but they still had some great performances. Fourth-year Jordan Miranda placed third on the event with a 9.6, and third year Yoli Nodarse placed first on the event with a 9.75.

The floor exercise was the best event for the Golden Rams that afternoon. They went six for six routines, which means that every routine was made. Some highlights include Miranda’s 9.550 and second-year Brashlyn Johnson’s 9.575. Kiah Johnson scored an impressive 9.7. Second years Rose Fanara and McKenna Kissinger placed second and third on the event with a 9.775 and 9.75. Meakim placed first on the event with a 9.8.

Meakim also took first in the all-around with a 38.25. Brashlyn Johson earned herself ECAC Coaches Choice award for the week for her incredible performance.

The Golden Rams gym team will be back in action on Sunday Feb. 9 for their Alumni meet, and it will also be a pink meet to support breast cancer. The meet was originally on Saturday, but due to weather conditions near SUNY Cortland, the meet was postponed to Sunday. Come on out to Sturzebecker Health Science Center at 1 p.m. in Gym#6 to support your Golden Rams!

Jessica Meakim is a third-year business management and international business major with a Spanish minor.

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