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With 40 below temperatures embracing us recently, the anticipation for spring may be at its highest. “Weather” it’s on your radar or not, local stores are certainly not letting this frozen tundra stop their warmer weather previews!

Target for example, is all set with their bathing suit section featuring many neon and floral patterns. Just last week, the popular department store sent a message out to their email list of the high demand for all things tie-dye this spring. I can attest to this logic: the junior’s sections of my local Target stores are draped in tie-dye garments. From dresses to sweatpants, tie-dye is taking over. Embrace your inner hippie this spring, along with these five other wardrobe must-haves inspired by

1. Drawstrings

Add a little “sport to your step” in the coming months. Fashion designers are styling dresses, jumpsuits, coats and dress-shorts with drawstrings! These strings have been revamped from plain thin rope on a sweatshirt to rope of different colors, shapes and sizes. Drawstrings complete the perfect look for when you want to clash a put-together look with complete leisure. This rising trend will surely grant you the excuse to distract yourself with string at your choice.

2. Crochet

Tell your close-knit family to whip out the yarn and hooks, because crochet is back! 2020 fashion is taking a risk; floral designs and eyelet patterns are being sewn into your warm-weather halters and dresses. Crochet and the beach had a fair relationship, but they want to see other people now. Cover-ups who? Keep an eye out for knitted jumpsuits, halters and short sleeved shirts!

3. Psychedelic Prints

The ‘60s are back and here to stay. Fall into wonderland and then spring onto a bed of patterned florals: anything from orange and red paisleys to large, pink cartoon flowers. These prints may be found on faux silk pants, dresses and blazers. When shopping for the season, be careful — you don’t want the overwhelming beauty of these fabrics to make you dizzy at the checkout counter.

4. Neon

Save hide-and-seek for the fall; you can’t hide in these warmer months! Neon is back in more ways than one. Instead of just solid neon colors, the trend can be worn in mesh, lace and satin pieces. I suspect plenty of neon mesh maxi-dresses on mannequins in the near future. Use your imagination with your favorite neon colors, and who knows, maybe your design will outlive them all.

5. Tie-Dye

In the spirit of color, let’s tie it up a knot! Tie-dye had a major comeback in summer 2019 and it’s safe to say that, it’s not going anywhere. Instead of bright swirls, soft colors are this year’s catch. A design as light as lavender dyed on a white university tee, is an item you’re sure to find within Target’s “Wild Fable” collection. And of course, our fuchsia and hot pink mixes aren’t going anywhere. Neither is the infamous fringed tie-dye looks. Grab some friends and create your own tie-dye styles for that spring break getaway.

My fashion is ever changing, yet at the same time, perhaps making a return; there’s some decade fashion that we just can’t outrun. Thirty more days of winter is just enough time to grab your favorite looks while supplies last. Whether you max out your credit card at the mall or stitch up your own garments, walk down your own runway this spring.

Madison Starinieri is a third year English writings BSEd and special education major.

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