Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

As a whole, “A Voice at the Table” has really grown this semester, thanks to the support and everyone who has been continuously striving for what we intended this organization to do. This past semester, we covered topics from cultural appropriation, the LGBTQ community, police brutality, mental health awareness and others. Because of this and everyone’s positive feedback, we’re on our way to becoming an officially recognized organization on West Chester’s campus next semester! This isn’t an easy process and we’re asking for the continued support as we’ve received before.

Along with this, next semester we’ll be opening up new positions, and ways to get more involved with AVATT and potentially be on the board. We want this organization to continue to grow, and eventually in the future, expand to other universities and colleges so we can truly make a difference in not just our own community.

You can continue to support and follow AVATT as we host our Town Hall with Public Safety and the police department of West Chester at 5 p.m. in Sykes Ballrooms tonight! We encourage everyone to come and make your voice heard, especially with the current events that have been going on lately around West Chester to our own students.

You can also catch us on WCU Weekly in the upcoming weeks to hear more about AVATT and what we really stand for. This is a growing organization and we’re open to any ways we can cover different issues, topics and situations that don’t really get addressed here at West Chester.

Change starts with using your voice.

Najah Hendricks is a fourth-year majoring in social work and a YES minor. NH871270@wcupa.edu

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