An interview with our Outgoing Managing Editor

As the semesters go by, the staff here at the Quad changes with the passing of semesters as well. Recently, WCU’s Student Newspaper held our executive board elections for the position of managing editor. Kirsten Magas, our Features editor, will be the new managing editor for The Quad and our former managing editor, Ashley Martindale, who is graduating this December, gave me the opportunity last week to sit down with her. During our short interview, she talked about her choice of major, why she chose West Chester University and her time with the Quad.

Q: What made you want to go to West Chester University?

A: “I actually came into West Chester as an English major, which is different from what I am now because I’m a psych major — but they were really well known for their teaching certifications, so I came in as English BSED. I would say that was the main reason. It’s also far enough from home that I was like, ‘my parents aren’t going to be bothering me all the time because I’m two hours from home.’”

‘The cool thing about the Quad is it is interdisciplinary. So, even if I am a psych major, I can come in and I’m welcome as long as I am contributing…’

Q: What made you want to be part of the Quad?

A: “When I switched to being a psychology major, it kind of closed a lot of doors on general English opportunities for me, and the cool thing about the Quad is it is interdisciplinary. So, even if I am a psych major, I can come in and I’m welcome as long as I am contributing in ways that are beneficial for the Quad. I had probably only written a couple of articles when I first applied to be a copy editor last year. I definitely wasn’t considered a staff writer yet, but I did really well on the test. I’m definitely a really good editor, so I came in for, like, a full year with that. The first thing that really interested me with the Quad [is that] I hadn’t really written journalistic writing. I was more of a creative writer, but [journalism] is a fascinating style of writing and I enjoy reading news stories and stuff like that. I just didn’t think I had the ability to be objective enough, and then I discovered that that was wrong. I did well enough work because I definitely wrote for news the most before anything else.”

Q: Looking back, which work are you particularly fond of and why?

A: “My favorite article I’ve written was my “canceling culture” article, because that was probably the first op-ed that I wrote. I definitely had written other pieces, like, I’m more stuck to other news, features and entertainment because I was a little bit afraid of voicing something like that, especially, just because it is very salient in this time: the idea of ‘canceling culture.’ So, I was kind of afraid to speak out about that. I got a pretty good response to it. Again, it was one of those things; it was a little controversial. I was almost afraid to write it out, but that’s the cool thing about op-ed pieces. Like, it is your opinion, and it should be well-researched and well-thought-out, but it’s okay to have that out there as long as it’s not being offensive to anyone. I got a good response to it, and I really enjoyed writing it and looking up instances in society where we’ve might have abused the idea of canceling people. I really enjoyed that.”

Q: How do you feel about your time with the Quad looking back?

A: “In short, it has been really amazing. I have worked with an incredible group of people, both last year and this year. I feel like I’ve watched this organization grow and become more of a community than it has been, and I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of that, and I’ve had some really great memories here. I’ve made a lot of really good friends here, and we all get along really well. Sundays are some of my favorite days because of that. Unfortunately, that’s going to go away, but it’s been an incredible time.”

From all of us here at the Quad newspaper, we wish our former managing editor, Ashley Martindale, the best of luck with her future and her career! We hope to see her stop by the office again.

Kelly Baker is a fourth-year student majoring in English with minors in journalism and film criticism. KB819687@wcupa.edu

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