The misunderstood: college relationships

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All humans want to be loved and even reciprocate the same feeling. Every serious relationship is centered around the love you have for your partner. In 2019, there has been a shift. Relationships in college have been forced into a casual state due to age or inexperience. I am not speaking on the individuals who desire to be single and have zero attachments. I am speaking on this new culture of dating with preparation for an inevitable breakup even in the early stages. If you are to date someone, then the intentions should be to be committed and faithful. You should not be ready for the breakup when the relationship has barely begun.

I have been very confused over recent years when I hear people talking about how they need to breakup with their significant other because “I’m going to college” or “I’m too young for a serious relationship.” I just disagree to end something that has nothing to do with your internal feelings. If you love that person, then by all means love that person. You should not limit your feelings because of public perception. I read a list article from College Times and it was appalling to see what some of the failures are. Two that stood out were the likelihood your partner would cheat and missing out on the party scene. There are very simple ways to avoid the pressures of cheating. Do not commit to someone. It is a very simple task. In regards of missing out on the party, you are not ready to be in a relationship if that is the biggest concern you have.

I do not want this generation to think about the next person and not focus on who is in front of you.

We are adults at this point and we need to act like it. Do not lose out on a special person due to selfish and childish needs.

The world has now transitioned into this very fast paced lifestyle where we need constant movement. Social media and our cell phones are the culprits for the public needing immediate reactions and responses. We also love immediate gratification. That is where online dating plays a factor, specifically Tinder. In a recent survey, 72% of college students were shown to have used Tinder at some point during college. This generation has taken the model of Tinder to their everyday lives. We swipe right and left internally on everything now. Many college students are never happy and think the grass is greener on the other side, but that is a consistent thought process. A lot of college students are scared to be in a relationship because there is an app where you can find a plethora of potential partners by swiping. That instant level of approval is more appealing than a relationship to most college students.

What is wrong with meeting your soulmate in college?

I do not want to come off as some “get off my lawn” guy complaining about the younger generation and how they want to operate their love lives. By all means, it is your prerogative to date who you want. I just want to speak on the issues I see and disagree with. What is wrong with meeting your soulmate in college? What is wrong with finding your true love at a younger age rather than an older one? In fact, Facebook Data Sciences reports that 28% of married college graduates attended the same school. There is nothing wrong with relationships if it is the right one for you. I want people in college to steer away from that mindset.

I see a lot of happy couples in college; ones that are thriving and prospering. I do not want this generation to think about the next person and not focus on who is in front of you. We do not need to live in a climate worrying about public perception, an app, or whatever your age may be. We should all just worry about who we want to be with at the end of the day. I want every college relationship to know that the best is yet to come and you are doing the right thing.

Noel Guerra is a fourth-year commucations and media and cultures major minoring in journalism. NG868106@wcupa.edu

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