Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

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Just because we college students are supposed to be adults now doesn’t mean we can’t get into some Halloween shenanigans. Halloween is the only season where eating obscene amounts of candy and dressing out-of-the-ordinary is acceptable. Enjoy it!

1. Decorate!

Think fluffy, cottony cobwebs and caution tape on your door. Opt for the orange fairy lights strewn around your dorm instead of the classic white. Throw fake bugs around to freak out your roommates — it’s scare season, after all.

2. Crafts

Learn to knit yourself a scarf for the chilly weather or to wear at homecoming this upcoming weekend. The local A.C. Moore is the best place to pick up easy-to-do crafts for any season. Whether you’re on a craftiness level to create your own Halloween wreath or you want to use the sticky foam pieces to decorate a Halloween basket, you’ll have a blast.

3. Obtain large amounts of candy.

Take a trip to the dollar store. We’re all on a budget while we’re in college. It’s not necessary to break the bank. Pick up chocolates, jawbreakers, smarties and candy corn. Last year, I took a bowl of candy to share around to my classes. It brought some smiles to the faces of my peers. Trick-or-treating doesn’t have to die when your childhood ends — modify it instead.

4. Have a horror movie marathon.

Pop some popcorn. Dim the lights. Cozy up under a blanket. Throw on one of these classics: “Scream,” “Cabin in the Woods,” “Hereditary,” “Us,” “Paranormal Activity,” “Scream” or “The Shining.” You won’t be able to sleep, but you’ll be in the Halloween mood.

5. Read a scary story.

Get a little nostalgic and read our favorite childhood scare: R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps.” Although we might not find them very scary anymore, it’s lots of fun to revisit the past. If you’re looking for a quick read and a good scare, search “Hide and Seek Alone” online.

6. Carve pumpkins.

Nothing like getting messy for the good of decorating. Pumpkin carving used to be my favorite part of Halloween as a kid; my mom used to bake the seeds I scooped to eat for a snack later. You can even use your new jack-o-lantern for an added decoration outside of your dorm — just be sure to use the flameless candles, so you don’t set off the smoke detectors in the dorms. Save the seeds and bake them for a snack later.

7. Go apple picking.

There’s nothing like apples fresh from the orchard. The best part is you get to have fun while picking them. Go with a group of friends! Linvilla Orchards isn’t too far away from here — and it makes for super cute Instagram photos. On your way back to campus, pick up some baking supplies for apple pie or for making candied apples.

8. Pillsbury “Ready to Bake!” Cookies.

Not that we need more sweets on a holiday centered around candy, but these are a staple of any season. They’re exactly what they sound like; they’re ready to bake. Although, I prefer to eat the dough. They come in pumpkin and ghost prints!

9. Dress up.

If you’re subtle, pair orange and black together for your spooky outfit. If you’re bold, come to class in a sparkly dress and butterfly wings. Trust me, no one cares. It’s college. Relive your childhood tradition and dress up as the pirate that reality prevents you from being.

Kirsten Magas is a fourth-year student majoring in English with minors in creative writing and journalism.

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