Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Four walls and a roof protected me
from the cold and the rain.

A place where I slept at night
and left in the morning
for band practice or first dates
in high school.

While emptying the closet, I found the little pencil slashes lining
the inside of the door,
marking another growth spurt
and dated with a birthday.

The family portrait placed perfectly
over the dent in the drywall
secret to my brother and I.

I just finished packing up the car,
moving the last of the kitchen utensils
and my mother’s crystal.

Now empty, I stared through the threshold at
the coordinates for all of my
favorite memories.

For some reason,
it felt like losing a friend.

Kirsten Magas is a fourth-year English major with minors in creative writing and journalism. KM867219@wcupa.edu

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