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With live music becoming more and more popular, college students are constantly looking for ways to experience local shows. If you don’t feel like trekking all the way to Philly, Sprout Music Collective located right in the heart of West Chester, PA, is the best place to go for all your live music needs. Recently, some of the most talented DJs on the scene came together for a night of Hood EDM. With an insane lineup including Bok Nero, Sweet Teeth, Kayvian, Shizz Lo, Trap Ev and Cdoc, the room was packed until the venue closed down. A couple of the artists (Eric “Sweet Teeth,” Kevin “Kayvian” and Evan “Trap Ev”), chatted with us before their sets and gave us a look into their world.

While some people might think DJs are completely different than your typical singer-songwriter, there are more similarities than you might imagine. DJs sample music, mix their own tracks and write back tracks for other artists they are performing with. “Some DJs base their tracks off of vocals or chord progressions,’’ Sweet Teeth said, “It’s about getting the one fundamental loop or element and then building around that to make it a full song.” When asked if they found lyrics and sound to be of the same importance, Trap Ev said, “I pick the chorus that hits the most, and if I feel like the content I didn’t use is really good, I’ll just use it on a different beat. Sometimes I listen to music that’s in a different language, and I still feel it. I can dance to it and vibe with it, and I have no idea what they’re saying. Music transgresses barriers like language.” This style of music really allows for a universal sense of enjoyment because you do not necessarily need words to be able to fully appreciate the song. While some people find identity within the lyrics of a song, sometimes it’s better to just appreciate it for its craft.

We were curious how they would persuade people to come see their show rather than a typical live performance. Kayvian told us, “It’s more about the party vibes, right? We just want to put on a good show for people and give them a good time.” One of the perks of DJing is that you can cater your set on the spot based on the vibe the crowd is giving you. Sweet Teeth said, “I try to treat all shows the same. I want to bring the same energy and level of commitment to each show whether there are 10 or 10,000 people.”

You can check out Sprout Music Collective on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the upcoming shows in town, and make sure to stay connected with all three artists on social media (@trxpev, @kayvianofficial, @sweetteeth007). Sweet Teeth has a song coming out Oct. 9 called “Bring The House Down,” that includes a sample from The Ramones, which you can find on all music platforms.

Breanne Cura is a fourth-year student majoring in liberal studies with minors journalism and media and cultures. BC902453@wcupa.edu

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