Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Jets at Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles got everything they needed last Thursday. A big primetime win kept them from falling to an almost incurable 1-3 and instilled hope in a doubtful city. The next step on the ladder is a winning record. It is safe to say that Carson Wentz and company feel pretty good about their abilities to reach that goal this Sunday as they face a still-victorious Jets squad. While New York might be fresh off an early bye week, a few well-rested faces is simply not enough to make up for gaping holes on both sides of the ball. While this Monday edition has no way of knowing the outcomes of the 1 P.M. matchup, we can easily look at the path of both teams in both possible scenarios. Let’s begin by placing our assumptions with the bettors. If the Eagles win, it will be a standout homestand for Philadelphia. The Birds will take a winning record and once again be a standout playoff contender as well as both an offensive and defensive threat. In the meantime, beginner Head Coach Adam Gase will fall to 0-4 and ultimately set the tone for another dozen disappointing Sundays in New York. There is a –14 Vegas line to back up this assumption. However, this wouldn’t be a very editorial edition if we did not consider the other hand, Every green-bleeder’s worst nightmare. Should the Jets pull off the upset, third-string QB Luke Falk might turn a few heads and possibly be looking a lot more comfortable in the green and white. Meanwhile, the Eagles would be two steps back and could find themselves below the Giants in the division. All things considered, someone’s going to give. Unless they tie, then we can all be sad.

Daniel Jones

When Pat Mahomes made his seasonal debut for the Chiefs in 2018, more jerseys were sold in a two-hour period than any other NFL player in history. This has not changed. However, this past Sunday, the second-place spot was stolen by an elated Giants fanbase, who are enamored by their new deity, Daniel Jones. The Duke product’s win over the Buccaneers in Week 3 broke rookie debut records left and right and has inevitably earned him a permanent role. While few analysts expected much of a fight from an 0-3 Redskins squad in Week 4, they all knew that this was Jones’ chance to prove himself, and he did. The rookie backup wanted more than just a close knit fight the second time around; he wanted to win. The Giants’ 24-3 pounding of Washington in Week 4 was more than enough make him both a permanent starter, and a Rookie-of-the-Year candidate. Now comes the real test. The Minnesota Vikings are a slightly taller order than the newly dubbed “Danny Dimes” is used to. With Saquon out, Jones will need all the change he can muster. Both teams sit on the vital .500 cusp, with a win cementing them as actual playoff contenders. Expect some serious changes on the losing side after this one is all said and done.

MNF: Browns at 49ers

If someone had told you two months ago that the 2019 San Francisco 49ers would have been as successful as both the Super Bowl defenders, and as one of the highest ranked 2018 offensive teams going into Week 5, some serious questions would have been raised. However, here we are at Week 5 and sure enough, San Francisco has yet to lose a game. In fact, they’re fresh off a bye week, and looking better than ever. They could easily go 4-0 after primetime. The only thing standing in their way is a bitter bunch of Cleveland Browns who were so tired of having a losing record that they casually slapped 40 points on the Ravens last week and fought their way to the top of their division for the first time in years. Take your pick of unfamiliar scenarios, the +.500 Browns, or the 4-0 49ers. Either way, tensions are high.

Matthew Shimkonis is a first-year student majoring in history. MK925373@wcupa.edu

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