Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Dear West Chester University,

Although talk of President Donald Trump’s impeachment has been a hot topic for the past couple of years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is beginning an official impeachment inquiry. The Quad Student News Service shares their thoughts about the updates regarding impeachment news.

Alexis Lincoln, News Editor: “Goodbye. I know it’s not going to happen – nobody’s actually been impeached. Usually nothing happens with the impeachment process, but I would love for it to happen.

Brendan Lordan, Asst. News Editor: “The problems with the system go deeper than just Trump. But I think it would be an important statement about what we’re willing to put up with in our democracy.”

Tyler Grace, Sports Editor: “I’ve heard so much stuff about him getting impeached before, that I feel kinda tone-deaf about it.”

Kirsten Magas, Features Editor: “I’ve been reading up a lot. I don’t want him to stay where he’s at, but I’d be worried that if we impeach Trump, I’d worry that the republicans would get fired up and take control of the house again.”

Casey Meyer, Op-Ed Editor: “You can impeach the person, but you can’t impeach the ideas they stand for. Even if the figurehead of these ideas does go away, the ideas will remain.

Evan Madden, Design Editor: I think he deserves it. I don’t want him in office anymore. I think we need someone new to lead the United States into a better tomorrow.

Ashley Martindale, Managing Editor: “It would be great if it happened. It likely won’t happen. Even if it doesn’t happen, he has one year of office left, and I don’t think anyone wants him back. I think it’s going to be okay even if it doesn’t happen.”

The Quad Staff

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