Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

A conversation is a powerful tool.

A conversation is the springboard for great and terrible ideas, both broad and incredibly small. Conversations have the power to stop and start wars, to start revolutions, and to facilitate social change for decades to come. Conversations can make a person laugh just as easily as they can make a person cry.

I strongly believe in the power of a conversation to create change. To talk about what plagues us as humans, as students, as members of a world that never stops moving. Conversations build networks of relationships and opportunities that create ripples across vast and tight distances. Watching the power of a conversation is fascinating.

That’s why I encourage everybody to have them as often as you can. Talk about last weekend’s “It” movie premiere, or about last night’s homework. Talk about what makes you sad and what makes you laugh so hard you struggle to breathe. A conversation that can make another soul smile is always one worth having.

Whether or not it is naive to believe so, I like to think that a conversation can save a life, too. If nothing else, it is always worth it to try. Keep talking, West Chester University. Your words are much stronger than you think and always, always worth holding.

Samantha Walsh

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