Sat. May 25th, 2024

Dear West Chester,

I’ve always been the kind of person who is deeply uncomfortable remaining stagnant. Growing up, I struggled with keeping some things straight – whether it was homework, relationships or simply brushing my hair, the intricate details of life seemed to elude me. But the one thing I could never tolerate within myself was staying still. I wanted to learn and I wanted to grow.

When I joined The Quad as Assistant News Editor at the beginning of this year, I was expecting it to be a fun experience where I could get paid to write. I did not expect to find a voice within myself – to find a passion that would erupt from my fingers as a student journalist in holding others and myself accountable. I did not expect to be good at what I loved and to be given an opportunity to be better and better.

I did not expect to find a home here. And I certainly did not expect to become a stronger, braver, bolder person, either. I did not expect to find myself a leader as I have found myself now. The support, kindness and passion I’ve found in this office is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Needless to say, I have a challenging journey ahead of me. A year ago from today, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who told me I would be suited for this position. But here I am, typing this letter, surrounded by the most passionate, funny and hard-working people I have ever met. There’s music playing in the background. Our new staff are being trained. People are working together. I am truly, sincerely happy.

Thank you to Max, Olivia for creating this space for me. I wish you both nothing but the very best on your journeys moving forward – I think you two are capable of incredible things. I cannot wait to embrace the challenges, laughter and growth for the upcoming year. I only hope that I can do this organization the justice that those before me have done.

Students and faculty of West Chester University – I greet you today as the new Editor-in-Chief of The Quad Student News Service. Have us or not, The Quad will be seeing you soon.

Samantha Walsh

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