Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Hi Wesst Chestr,

My name. is AVA. I am the Managing Editor Olivia’s new kitten. I am v smol. And, like Editor-in-Chief Max. I am sleepy. But. I am sleepy because I am growing my little body. Max, however, is sleepy. because he was up all night raising money for sick kids, so they, too, can grow their little bodies. He even shave head for the event. So, I donate some of my fur, to help keep his noggin toasty. I don’t no Max, but he IS. MY hero. He is much better human. than Olivia. who wake me up from my nap. to rite this letter. I am going back to sleep now. but thank U for reading The Quad.

Love u,
The Cutest Cat Ever

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