Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

Before we enter into more serious matters, I would first like to welcome you to 2019’s “The Quak,” our annual April Fool’s satire issue. As is only the case every few years, the issue’s publication date has the honor of being on April 1. Special mentions must go out to Eric Ryan, our entertainment editor and personal “Quak Guru,” as well as Evan Madden, the master craftsman of photoshop for this issue. Likewise, all of those who wrote for the section, whose true names will not be shared, deserve special and specific thanks.

Moving past the paper itself, and more towards the future of The Quad, this last Tuesday, we held elections for Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. I am proud to announce that Samantha Walsh, asst. news editor, and Ashley Martindale, one of our copy editors, are taking the positions of EIC and Managing respectively. All the candidates brought their all, and I genuinely cannot wait to watch The Quad only grow in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Of course, this means that my letters are officially numbered (I need to graduate sometime, after all.) Starting in a few short weeks, the baton will officially be passed from myself to Sam. Even today, we ran through the first steps of the “late Sunday work hours,” and I couldn’t help but remember the general panic I felt when Lauren handed me the reins. Lots of InDesign, folks. Lots of InDesign.

I hope you have an excellent time with this issue; many of our staff and members of the editorial board put their heart (and their humor) into these 28 pages.


Max James

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