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Quak: West Chester borough sues Westchester, NY over rights to Xavier Institute for Higher Learning

Last week West Chester Mayor Diane Herrin announced a formal lawsuit in which the borough will attempt to claim the rights to be the headquarters of Marvel’s hit series X-Men. Herrin stated in the announcement “We as a community have been overshadowed by the inferior New York county due to the presence of mutants like Wolverine, Professor X, and whatever CGI D-class character that appears in the new “Deadpool” movie.”

Westchester has claimed that it is willing to fight the copycat to the death, something that West Chester has agreed to terms to and will present their champion in two weeks to determine the winner in accordance to copyright customs.

While the fight to the death will be the determining factor in which West Chester receives the series, a lengthy legal battle ensued beforehand in which both sides presented arguments defending why the location should be used for the X-Mansion.

Westchester claimed that the space should be used since Stan Lee originally thought of New York when picturing the setting, and went on a lengthy diatribe about how New York is the greatest place in the world. West Chester countered back that the Chester that the PA borough is West of is located in America, while the Chester that the New York County is West of is located in the inferior England. West Chester also brought up that people only care about New York City, in which Westchester is not.

Included in the fight for rights is the Mansion, Jet and rights to the Ages of Apocalypse, Child’s Play and Nation X arcs, while both Chesters have agreed to disavow the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Earlier this week, Dr. Davenport was chosen as West Chester’s Champion.

Lee Stan will be missed. 1922-2018.

This article is a part of The Quak, our annual April Fool’s satire issue.

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