Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

We began Spring Break with a wintry slush, and ended Spring Break with cases of Mumps: welcome back, WCU, and happy second half of the semester!

This issue, we have a fantastic collection of pieces. I like to look for a “theme” in each issue, a string that unites each section. We have a few primary themes in this section, including student perspectives of the college admission scandal, the use of language and how it affects conversations on health and our very own Student Government Association highlights. Elections are coming to a close, after all.

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but this will be my last letter written as the “only” Editor-in-Chief of The Quad. Alongside so many organizations which are experiencing a change of leadership, we too are hosting our elections for Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor this Tuesday. While I will still have a few more letters to write before the transition officially occurs, I am still amazed by (as everyone starts to realize) how fast time flies.

Veering from the sentimentality, and with no care for a proper segue, I asked the staff what the campus of WCU — staff and students — can do to prevent what feels like an inevitable attack of Mumps. Here is what they had to say.

Olivia, Managing Editor: “Vaccinate yourself.” (Translated from a more explicit statement.)

Sunny, Multimedia Editor: Go to the health center and get vaccinated, they have many resources on campus.

Hannah, Advertising Manager: There are booster shots available!

Eric, Entertainment Editor: Take some time, learn about the history of vaccines. Look up the diseases that have been eradicated and reduced to a second thought. Then look up what it means to have a compromised immune system, find out what herd immunity means and meet people who survive because of it. Then after all of this have a conversation with your doctor and find out what yo can do to help those people live normal lives. Vaccines aren’t just for you, they’re also for the people too weak to get them.

The Quad Editorial Board

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