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Behind the Controller: Video Game Club

Image: “Gray Nintendo Nes Console And Controllers” by Tomasz Filipek is licensed under the Pexels License.

Hello, and welcome, dear reader to Behind the Controller, an ongoing column centered around the local video game community, the ongoing trends within the video game industry and where I will review some of the most popular new releases.

With video games becoming so mainstream in the past few years that the average video game console can be found in many homes and apartments across the country, so too have video games clubs and communities formed to suit this rise in popularity. Here at West Chester University, there are at least three: Golden Gamers- a club of gamers that raise money for charity, Esports- a club of gamers that focus on competitive gaming, and the Video Game Club- a fun and relaxed club for students who just want to play video games with new friends. I had the pleasure this last week of speaking with the secretary of the Video Game Club, Connor O’Brien, who agreed to talk a little bit about the club.

Q. What would you say makes the West Chester University Video Game Club special when there are other gaming clubs on campus like Golden Gamers or WCU Esports?

A.“Our club is a very casual environment, and we strive for everyone to feel comfortable in our club. You can bring whatever you want to play and/or request something, and if another member has what you requested, there is a good possibility for you to see it at the next meeting.

Q. What exactly happens in the WCU Video Game Club?

A.   “At Video Game Club, we typically have at least one Nintendo Switch setup, a PlayStation 1 mini setup, and a GameCube setup. We also welcome people to bring their own games, including card games, to play with friends old and new. One of our most popular requests game-wise is Super Smash Bros, which usually has good sized groups. It is recommended to BYOC (bring your own controller) for Smash as the number of controllers we have to provide is limited.”

Q. Is the Video Game Club a serious commitment?

A.   “As previously mentioned, this is a casual environment, so attendance is not required and you do not have to attend every week if you have other things like homework or studying to get done.”

Q. Are there any special activities every semester?

A.   “The special activities we have every semester are a trip to Round 1 Arcade in Exton as well as bowling in Downingtown. We also have some meetings where we order food like pizza or have fun little snacks like build your own cookies.”

Q. Why should students join the Video Game Club?

A.   “You should join the Video Game Club if you enjoy having fun playing games, be it video or card, with friends old and new, want a club with a relaxed and accepting environment, as well as special activities like bowling, Round 1 Arcade and pizza parties!”

If you are looking for a fun and relaxed environment with people who also enjoy gaming, then this would be the club for you. The West Chester University Video Game Club meets every Wednesday in Sykes Student Union on the second floor, right across from The Quad office, from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.   

Kelly Baker is a fourth-year student majoring in English with minors in journalism and film criticism. KB819687@wcupa.edu

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