Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Kylie finally made it to school after running like an animal towards its prey. The school secretary pointed at a sign-in sheet. The sheet asked for an explanation for tardiness.  Kylie just put, “The rain.” This probably was not an excuse, but she could not say she was caught up in a conversation with a talking tree. 

Kylie walked quickly into her homeroom and took a seat, her heart still beating rapidly. 

“Psst. Where were you?” Corinne whispered to Kylie.

Kylie shook her head signaling to Corinne that she should not ask her. Kylie was not really a school nerd, except for ceramics class; she loved sculpting. Kylie hosted an abundance of clay in her room at home and enjoyed playing with it on her freetime. She was gleeful since she had not been able to schedule this class for so long. The bell rang signaling that it was time for first period.

Kylie walked into class and saw Corinne sitting at the front table, “I didn’t know you wanted to take an art class.”

“It was either this or Spanish, and I don’t want to suffer, so here I am.” Corinne said with a determined tone.


The school day was going quickly. As Kylie was in her fourth period class, she stared at the clock waiting for both hands to reach the “12,” it was like a turtle race. The clock finally read “12,” and the bell rang. Everyone trampled over desks and rushed out of the classroom to the cafeteria. Kylie’s dad usually prepared her lunch, but today he slept in from being up all night campaigning for a commissioner position. She was late this morning, and now had no lunch. Kylie rummaged through her back pack to see if she had any loose change or cash. 

“Ugh. That will have to do,” she mumbled under her breath after finding two dollars.

Kylie went up to the snack station and bought two-dollar fruit snacks. She saw Corrine from a distance sitting at their usual table. Kylie walked over. Corinne stopped eating her lunch and starred at Kylie.

“Fruit snacks?” 

“I was late this morning, okay?” 

Corinne shook her head. “What’s been going on with you lately? You’re so out of it. Anything I can do to help? I could have driven you today!” 

“You drive like a maniac! Thanks anyway, and no. I’m fine, just trying to get used to school again.” 

Part 3 to be continued after spring break…

Madison Starinieri is a student majoring in English Education and Special Education.

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