WCUR 91.7 FM Album of the Week: “Future Ruins” by Swervedriver

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Thoughts on the album:

“‘Spiked Flower’ is cool as heck” – Ashley Parenti, General Manager

“Really dig the rough, shoegaze-y feel of the album, favorite track was ‘Spiked Flower'” – Stephen Weber, Programming Director

“Super underrated shoegaze band puts out a great album that truly shows off why they’re one of the greats” – Andrew Ginsberg, Local Bands Director

“I never really listened to Swervedriver that much, but this album is amazing. I’ll definitely listen to this album again and listen to more of Swervedriver.” – Julianne Mancuso, Social Media Director

“This album is a grower, but an extremely rewarding one. Swervedriver is one of my favorite bands, and this record easily has some of their best songs from their entire career. A must listen.” – Gabe Sagherian, Music Director

swervedriver” by UT Connewitz Photo Crew is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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