Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Dear West Chester,

Asle Toje, youngest member of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, stated at WCU on Friday that the most pressing issue for the United States is our education system, which is ‘failing us.’ The editorial board shared our thoughts about this, if we agreed, and why. These were our responses. 

Doménica, News Editor: The most pressing issue, I think, is not enough U.S. citizens participating in politics.  It’s sad how many people don’t vote when so many people in other countries are not allowed to have a voice in their own respective governments.

Kirsten, Features Editor: I’m here, at West Chester University because I grew up in a neighborhood where I was provided with a great education in my early years … Education isn’t treated like a necessity, it is treated like a privilege. It shouldn’t be like that.

Casey, Op-Ed Editor: Our education system is exceptionally imperfect and needs dramatic reform, but I also want to make it known that those who do not feel the desire to be educated should step aside to allow space for those of us that do.

Olivia, Managing Editor: I think that the education system is absolutely failing certain people. However, there are plenty of people who are taking full advantage of the opportunities that the education system provides and are doing well as a result.

Max, Editor-in-Chief: This is a tough question, as it is hard to ascertain the “one issue that precedes the rest.” Since Toje was put on the spot for this question, however, I can see why he chose education. The classist systems in our public schools lend themselves to inherent discrimination amongst students, and the lack of standards for each public school make teaching our future generations imperative aspects of our history more difficult than ever.

While I want to say the United States’s biggest issue may be climate change, in many ways, that’s the world’s biggest issue. In many cases, too, the change we enact in the world all starts with what we’ve been taught. So yes, in many ways, I agree with Toje, through the grain of salt that is also a Norwegian man put in the place of commenting on American problems.

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