Cheyney University: a week without hot water

After nearly a week without hot water, nearly 300 students residing in the Living Learning Center at Cheyney University can return to hot showers after the water was fixed on Thursday evening. 

The fixed facilities come after a week of student confusion and frustration, with many expressing their thoughts on social media.

“I am not going to sit around and just let [this happen]…people are paying to live here, that is not okay,” said one Cheyney University student with the Instagram username @Stephaniia in a post.

“We cannot adequately wash our clothes because the coldest a washer should get is 80 degrees,” said @Stephaniia, in a later post detailing the results of a student town hall.

While the hot water was fixed on Thursday evening, some elements surrounding the situation remain unanswered.

Likewise, initial research indicates that West Chester University’s department of facilities, according to PASSHE and Cheyney University’s “Facilities and Contracting Contacts” page. 

“​Under a formal Letter of Understanding, Cheyney University’s Procurement, Facilities Planning and Construction Management, and Facilities Operations and Management, are being performed by West Chester University. Please see the West Chester contacts,” states the letter. 

As The Quad continues to research West Chester University’s ties with Cheyney University’s facilities, we will update the story. 

Max James is a fourth-year student majoring in communication studies with minors in French and creative writing.

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