Spooky(ish) TV for a not so frightening evening

While October is unfortunately dwindling to a close and spooky season is making it’s departure, I thought there’d be no better time than the present to suggest some good TV shows to keep the fall spirit alive. So, in absolutely no particular order, here are some shows that help me take fall by the reins and white-knuckle that stuff until December 1:

1. Gilmore Girls
We’re starting off with something you wouldn’t expect: a show about two women — a mother and a daughter — ­ both named Lorelei Gilmore (though the daughter goes by Rory), and their life in the small town outside of Hartford, Connecticut known as Star’s Hollow. The show is graced with Melissa McCarthy and appearances from Alex Borstein. Don’t pass this up because the summary is basic, there’s more to this show than meets the eye. In a world so depressing, it’s nice to watch something that’s (for the most part) pretty happy all the time. This show goes best with copious amounts of coffee, a comfy couch and a fuzzy blanket. While there’s no required attire for the show, I highly recommend a sweater 3 sizes too large and fuzzy thigh-high socks for an optimal experience.

2. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Complete with hexes, familiars, feminism, mystery and murder, the first episode of the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” left me wondering if Sabrina might have gotten a hold of me, too. I’m hooked! I’m sure part of my fascination plays off of my nostalgia for the original show, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” starring Melissa Joan Hart, but I’m almost positive that’s what the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” plays on. They took my love of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and gave it a modern, dark twist that’s not only gripping, but vaguely familiar. This time, we follow Sabrina on her journey to her sixteenth birthday, where she struggles with the choice to embrace her paternal half-witch side or her maternal half-human side, torn between witchcraft and her human friends. If I were you, I’d buy some of those Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, invite two of your closest (quietest) friends over and watch this show. Best pumpkin carver decides where to order takeout from.

3. How to Get Away with Murder
The first episode of this show is a masterpiece. Everyone I know who has watched the first episode kept watching until the season ended. Starring Viola Davis (whose nomination for queen should be forthcoming) as the cunning lawyer Annalise Keating, “How to Get Away with Murder” follows five of her law students as they try to — you guessed it — get away with murder. However, there’s more to the murder than we know, a missing girl, an unclear motive and a surprising victim keeps this show from getting stale. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be done with the first season by Halloween, making this the perfect show to have on the TV as you’re eating a bowl of Halloween candy. Thankfully, there are more seasons to get you through ‘till the end of the fall.

4. Brooklyn 99
The entirety of “Brooklyn 99” is so amazing that the show can’t even get cancelled by their own network without a different network picking it up. Their Halloween episodes can’t be the only reason why, but this show is addicting. If I were you, I’d go through each season and watch the Halloween episode if you’re looking for a laugh while getting your spook on. Lucky for us, “Brooklyn 99” has enough seasons to carry us through the end of winter, and enough festive episodes to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside like any good comedy can.

5. Stranger Things
Not much of a shock to see “Stranger Things” on a list of Halloween-ish TV shows, but if you haven’t watched this suspenseful Netflix favorite, surrounding the strange disappearance of William Byers, why not start now? As a scaredy-cat, I’d recommend watching this show with friends who’ll tell you when to not look and some good food to  comfort you.

Casey Meyer is a third-year English writings major, minoring in journalism. CM873291@wcupa.edu

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